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Ralphie 08-03-2010 07:51 PM

DIY-How to replace/Fix the power outlet
Ok so i had to fix my power outlet because it had become loose over time and was just dangling.

This is the same procedure to access the shifter assembly and should take you around 30 mins depending on skill and patience.

Tools needed:
Needle nose pliers.
Flat head screwdriver
Philips screwdriver

Ok so first things first. Disconnect the battery and/or fuse corresponding to the power outlet before working on this. This will ensure safety but also the brains for the SRS system is in the area and you don't want to accidently set this off.

After that you need to remove the trim around the shift assem.
Remove that little tab with your flathead screwdriver. This will make it easier to pop out the trim.

After you remove that tab, carefully pry off the trim around the shifter.
Should come off fairly easy.

This is what it looks like removed.

Then your going to want to remove the trim under the radio above the storage area.


In that picture im referring to the trim with the 3 holes drilled in it above the white cable.(Dont mind that its for an iPod)

To remove it, carefully use either needle nose or a screwdriver to pop out the sides and then pull it back towards you.

Will look like this when its out.

Next your going to want to pry up the plastic mold around the shifter and center console.

This is a very big peice and DOES NOT need to be removed, just needs to be loosened so it makes access easier.

Starting at the front and making your way back, pull it up gently towards the roof of the car. There are no screws involved in this peice, just tabs. Unsnap them untill you get to the section behind the Ebrake. At that point it is removed enough for you to continue work.

Should look like this after its removed.

At this point there are two screws that need to be removed to gain access to the outlet. See pictures for location-
Screw 1
Screw 2

Once those two screws are taken out, you can now slide that entire black trim out by pulling it towards you. It takes a little work but it WILL come out. Again it is just tabs.

After that you now have full access to the power outlet, shift assem(requires more work for removal/maint), and the area behind and below the radio and also the SRS system(select vehicles).

To reinstall is reverse of removal.

Remember to take your time and if something will not budge DO NOT force it, it will break. Just make sure you aren't forgetting a screw(only 2 anyway) and try to wiggle the piece, it took me a good 15 mins to just remove peices the first time because i was unfamiliar with these trim peices.

Also the reason you would need a magnet is if your trying to grab the lower metal section of the power outlet. It has a tendency to fall deep into the crevises of the car....the magnet will grab it easy and help you guide it back to the top where you can screw it on to the first section of the outlet.

Also don't mind the dirt lol, i made a mess getting all of that out and it had never been cleaned but i gave it a nice cleaning after.
Good luck and thanks for looking.

BTW fixed my outlet!!!

CG6Lemon 08-04-2010 02:09 AM

Re: DIY-How to replace/Fix the power outlet
good write up :peek:

Ralphie 08-04-2010 10:18 AM

Re: DIY-How to replace/Fix the power outlet

Originally Posted by YounGLeMoN (Post 634554)
good write up :peek:

I can't tell if thats sarcasm or not?

Thanks i guess.

johnnydinh701 08-07-2010 01:40 PM

Re: DIY-How to replace/Fix the power outlet
u have a picture of where u put the magnet?

Ralphie 08-07-2010 01:42 PM

Re: DIY-How to replace/Fix the power outlet

Originally Posted by johnnydinh701 (Post 635895)
u have a picture of where u put the magnet?

No i don't.

Do you know how the outlet is a two piece item?

The bottom screws onto the top peice?

Well i used the magnet to bring the bottom metal peice up from the depths of nowhere because i didn't want to use needle nose pliers to avoid being shocked or ruining anything.

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