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Old 09-30-2018, 10:34 PM
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Re: HomerJay's 2001 Accord Coupe EX (56K) [UPDATED 12/7/2012!!]

It's been a while since I've done any work on my Honda. As such it's been a while since I last updated my car's post.

A couple of years ago, it became evident that I would need an engine swap due to bad oil control rings. Finally got around to starting the task this past month. Only a few water hoses, vacuum hoses and a couple of engine mounts remain at this point...

Before I started the swap, I was able to start her right up. Only on two cylinders, however...

Previously, she was only running on one cylinder. I didn't want to keep trying to get to that point as it took long enough to register the second cylinder misfire on Torque.

Of course, it's turned into a larger project than originally planned. At the end of this, the following will be completed:
  • Engine swap "JDM" F23 (under 65K miles or so they say)
  • Timing belt change, new water pump, new tensioner pulleys, new accessory belts
  • New DC Sports exhaust (constantly burning oil ruined many exhaust parts: headers, catalytic converters)
  • New Competition Clutch ultra lightweight steel flywheel
  • New MagnaFlow catalytic converter (Given the rate at which oil was burning, it's either clean it or $100. I went with the $100 option. There's enough to do!)
  • New Innovative Mounts front engine mount
  • New Moog sway bar links (all around...no more hex key needed!!)
  • New Acura 27mm solid front sway bar
  • New battery (FREE!! Gotta love the Walmart warranty!)
  • New ValvoMax oil change valve
  • New sunroof drain hoses. No wonder my driver's floor was soaked after any rain!!
  • Revert back to OEM dashboard lighting (DONE!)
  • Poly bushings in front lower arms (Prothane kit #8227)
  • Changing from Neuspeed Sport to Neuspeed Race springs
  • Installing steel-braided brake hoses *
  • Installing Ultra Racing 4-point brace *
  • Installing new fan and temp dial stickers (DONE!) *
  • Rebuilt power steering pump (DONE!) *
* Parts that were on hand before the engine gave up. Just never got around to installing them while chasing down the oil issue.

Plenty of parts to install...

Springs weren't as bad to remove as I would have thought. It's always a bit sketchy, to be sure. But now that I see the condition of the shocks, I'm submitting for a warranty review before swapping to the race springs.

2001 Accord Coupe EX

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