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Full DIY 01-03 JDM civic fog lights install

Ok, so basically this is the entire process that I did to install the civic fogs. This is what the final product looks like.

This is the basic diagram for this set up.

Everyone installs the fog lights there own way onto the bumper. Personally i cut out the end of the inside of the bumper and used L brackets and a screw through the bottom of the bumper to hold the fogs on.

So basically after that you start out with this harness (pic by younglemon)

First, after installing the fogs on the bumper and plugging them in to "A" and "B"(personally i had the wire the other way around), you want to find ground points for the two ground wires on that section. next i ran the wire of "D-F" up through the engine bay by means of where the intake is (on the v6 model)

Then i ran wire "D-F" on the "F" side through the firewall since "D" will be connecting to "C". There is a point in the firewall that is very good for this specifically shown here.

In order to use this hole you need to pop out a cap that looks like this

And to pop it out you need to push is with something like a screwdriver from the inside of the car. It is located slightly to the right of the steering wheel column underneath the dash. There is a little pre-cut hole in the firewall padding on the inside that you pull away to get to the tab. To get to this area you need to lay down by the pedals and look up.

Once you feed the "F" side of wire "D-F" through you pull it down and it will look like this.

You might have trouble feeding "F" through the hole because there could be 2 plugs on the end of "F". Find out which plug is connected to "E" and you can cut that off. Double check to make sure you're cutting the right wire though.

Once you've done this you're now on the last section of wire. This is where you need to do a little bit of splicing. What you need to do is connect the two wires highlighted.

In order to do the next couple of steps you need to take off the button section and to do this you need to pull out the coin tray and unscrew the 4 screws located there. Once the four screws are out all you have to do is pull out the entire section including the air vent. It made be a little stern but it'll come out.

Now where to plug in the last wire section. "F" is going to connect to "G" and "K" will be connected to the fuse box under the steering column. This is exactly what "K" connects to. You probably want to connect it to the bottom left slot (I only suggest here if you have an aftermarket radio thought) which is also works on the same power as the radio so if you can turn the radio on you can turn the fogs on. And by plugging it in the bottom left slot you may blow a "7.5" fuse (if you have a factory radio) that will make your radio not work but it is only the acc. fuse located in drivers side fuse box. So you'll just want to replace that fuse with a "10" fuse. do not use the bottom right! And the upper right area is on the same power as the ambers so you can only turn you fogs on when your ambers are on and when plugging it in there you will most likely blow the fuse for the ambers which is a "10" fuse located in the passenger side fuse box. To avoid it blowing you want to replace it with at least a "15" fuse and nothing more. Put higher fuses in at your own risk though because you aren't usually supposed to replace fuses with more powerful ones, but a slightly higher one should be fine. Upper left is unknown at this point. Also, when you connect it you want to put it up side down compared to how you think you would connect it.

You also want to ground the ground wire on this section of the wire and where i grounded it was on the steering column as shown here

"H" is where you connect the relay which should come with the fog lights. You'll then pull "I" and "H" up through the wires to where the button area is.

All that is left is to plug the button into "I' after feeding "I" through the hole in the button panel and close it up as well a putting the bumper back on and checking that all the connections are good.

Another thing you may want to do is drill holes into the bottom of the bumper so that you can use a screw driver to adjust the fog lights once the bumper is on the car.

You won't need to plug "J" into anything as well as "E" which will also have another part that comes out by "F".

And if you have an OEM fog light switch that you want to use instead of the civic switch use this set up by Russianred

I deserve rep points for this epic write up, plz.
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