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-------Performance FAQ-------

Q) Where should I start?
A) That depends on the direction you want to take your car.

Q) What about an engine swap?
A) For the I4 model the h22 is the most common swap. For the v6 model the CL-S engine and transmission combo is the most common.

Q) Is there a turbo kit for my 98-02 Accord?
A) Yes, but only for the 4cyl models. You can put together a custom turbo kit for the v6 models but it is not recommended unless you swap out the automatic transmission for a manual.


Q) Can I supercharge my v6 98-02 Accord?
A) Yes. The Comptech Supercharger system is the only available supercharger on the market today for the 98-02 v6 Accords.


Q) Can I swap in a manual transmission in my v6?
A) Yes. The CL-S transmission swap is growing more popular by the day in our cars.

Q) Is there a cat-back exhaust system available for my 98-02 Accord?
A) Yes. Here are some of the more popular ones.

http://www.comptechusa.com/store/header1.html (v6 only)
http://www.magnaflow.com/02product/shopdisplayproducts.asp?SID=4Honda&zone=Sport&id=1 66&cat=Accord

Are there any CAI's (cold air intake) or SRI's (short ram intakes) available for my 98-02 Accord?
A) Yes. There are several CAI's and SRI's available for the 98-02 Accords . One of the more popular intake systems is the AEM v2 CAI and AEM SRI.


Q) Are there aftermarket pulleys available?
A) Yes. They're is a few aftermarket pulley's and pulley kits available. One of the more popular kits is the AEM "Tru-Power Pulley Kit".


Q) How about an underdrive crank pulley?
A) Yes. There are a few companies that make an underdrive crank pulley for our car. Some of the more popular ones are Arospeed, Megan Racing & Unorthodox


Q) Are there any cams for the v6?
A) Yes. There is a few companies who make aftermarket cams for the v6. One of these companies is GUDE. Most people swap in an Acura CL Type-S cam (requires modification).


Q) Are there any headers available for my car?
A) Yes. There are quite a few headers available for the 4cyl & v6 models. Some of the more popular choices would be Comptech (v6 only), Megan (4cyl & v6) & DC Sports.


Q) Are there any high-flow catalytic converters?
A) Yes. One of the most popular would be Random Technology. Magnaflow also makes a popular high-flow catalytic converter.

http://www.car-sound.com/ (Magnaflow)
Q) What about spark plug wires?
A) Yes. There are numerous companies that make aftermarket spark plug wires for 4cyl & v6. Here are a few.

Nology Hot Wires

Q) Are grounding kits worth it?
A) Yes. Grounding kits provide a direct ground path from the negative battery terminal to the chassis, body & engine components which in turn increases the electrical flow to your cars electrical system. This can reduce rough idles & dimming of lights when a load is put onto the electrical system and in some cases increase Horsepower. Grounding kits are highly recommended for anyone with a stereo system.

Q) Is there an aftermarket ignition available for my Accord?
A) Yes. There are a few. MSD seems to be the most popular.


Q) I'm considering doing some weight reduction where should I start?
A) Removing the rear seats, door panels, spare tire, trunk carpet/panels & passenger seat

Q) I want to lower my car but I don't know if I should get coilovers or springs?
A) This is really a personal preference If you want to really dial in your suspension and have the freedom of being able to adjust your ride height get coilovers. If you just want a simple drop, easy on the wallet & not worried about height adjustment get springs.

Q) What springs do you recommend for lowering?
A) There are several good companies out there that manufacture lowering springs for our accords. Some of the more popular ones are Eibach, Neuspeed & H&R.


Q) What about coil overs?
A) Depends there are 2 types of coil overs. Sleeve type such as Arospeed & true coil overs such as Apexi & Tein. Comes down to how much you're willing to spend and the freedom you want.


Q) I want to get new rims what size should I get?
A) This is also a personal preference. I have seen everything from 13's to 20's on our accords. Some of the more popular sizes are 17x7 & 18x7.5 but this does depend on some factors such as ride height. Your best bet is to go down to your local wheel & tire shop and fit different size rims & tires to see what will fit, what won't & what they will look like.

Q) If I lower my accord will I need a camber kit?
A) Yes & No. If you want the maximum life out of your tires & good handling I highly suggest you get a camber kit. If that really doesn't matter to you then no you don't need one. In some cases a camber kit is only needed if the drop is lower than 1.5

Q) Should I replace my stock struts if I lower my accord?
A) Yes. Your stock struts where not intended to handle the lowered height of the vehicle. Aftermarket adjustable struts are highly recommended to dial in your suspension and retain as close OEM ride quality as possible. Some popular choices are listed below.


Q) Should I get strut tower bars and sway bars?
A) Yes. This comes highly recommended when upgrading your accords suspension as these bars will improve handling & steering response by dramatically minimizing body roll. Some popular choices are listed below.

Suspension Techniques (search for them)

-------BODY/LOOKS FAQ-------

Q) I want to improve my night vision but I do not have the money to invest into H.I.D. which bulbs should I get?
A) HIR (Halogen Infared) bulbs. Very minimal modification is required to fit our cars but they greatly improve your vision over standard halogen bulbs.

Q) Well H.I.D. melt my headlights?
A) No. This is a common myth with H.I.D. lighting systems. H.I.D. systems operate at a much lower wattage than the standard Halogen bulb therefore making the operating temperature much lower.

Q) Can I use an H.I.D. lighting system in my stock headlamps?
A) Yes you can but you need to keep in mind HID puts out up to 3x the light output as standard halogen bulbs so you run a risk of blinding oncoming traffic. It is an absolute must that you re-aim your headlamps correctly once the H.I.D. kit has been installed.

Q) Can I put 01-02 taillights on my 98-00?
A) No. They are not interchangeable. They do make after market clear/red taillights.

Q) I have a carbon fiber hood do I need hood pins?
A) Yes. Hood pins are HIGHLY recommended on any after market hoods especially lighter material ones such as carbon fiber. These prevent your hood from coming unlatched and blowing up while driving.

Q) Will a 98-00 front bumper fit my 01-02 accord?
A) Yes, but some minor modification will be required.

Q) Will a coupe bumper fit the sedan it looks like it will?
A) Yes. But there will be a small gap between the top of the bumper and the hood. You will also need the top cross bar.

Q) Will the coupe fenders fit the sedan?
A) Yes.

Q) Will a coupe hood fit my sedan?
A) Yes.


Q) I want to replace the stock speakers what size do I need?
A) Reference list below

Front door - 6 1/2"
Rear Deck - 6x9"

Q) What will fit in place of the stock head unit?
A) Din & Double Din stereos will fit with the correct kit.

6th Gen FAQ (All members read) - Become a 6GA sponsor
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