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Thread: H22 Swap
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Old 01-25-2010, 10:49 PM
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Re: H22 Swap

2.01.06 1:01am

I finished as much as I could do on the harness. All there is left to do is soldier the injectors up to the resistor pack. I want to do that with the harness on the engine to make sure the lengths are appropriate.

I set it up the same way I had it before, as if you are looking at the motor.

The injector clips all wired up.

I had to wire in all the VTEC wires and the knock sensor, the F23a5 didnt have one.

VTEC wired into the ECU.

And I have to thank the good folks at Gerber for their quality tools. Without it It would have taken 5 times as long.

**Pics missing!! I had uploaded them directly to imagestation.com, which has since shut down. Just picture some pretty horses running across a meadow instead.

2.01.06 1:15am

Originally Posted by rlstump18
i wish you luck...hopefully the h22 won't have any issues you aren't prepaired for

btw it looks like you do good work, do you work at a shop or just do this stuff for fun?
If there is anything wrong with the swap, its with my wiring. The motor is spotless, inside and out.

I work at the DSG part time and I work A Honda dealersip too. Soooo, both.

2.01.06 9:58pm
Today's update:

We got quitea bit done today. I arrived thinking my wiring was complete. It wasnt. I spend a little while finishing the resistor pack. I found an 8 pin connector to use and wired that **** on. The finished product:

After doing that we put the harness on the motor to wire that up. Most sensors fit with no problems. I had to lengthen one or two but that is not a major issue. I also forgot to wire in the ECT sending unit wire, so I did that. I switched the IACV, and decided not run both an EGR and EVAP system. Who need emissions anyway? Its a Honda!

While I was doing the wiring, Alex was working on the driver's side motor mount. The results are incredible.

What he did was cut off the ear where the bolt was orignally, (it can be seen in eariler pictures). He ground it down and drilled a hole where the bolt would be on the F23 mount. He them welded the bolt in and painted the whole mount. OEM style.

So, as you can see, the engine is in. All the mounts line up perfectly, the shift linkage is on, no sensors were broken. Everything looks good.

We also figured out some other kinks that come along with this swap. Such as the powersteering line. The fittings are different on the high pressure side of the pump. Earilier pics should have demonstrated that.

The DSG response to such feeble obstacles? Weld the line on to the stock hose.

It just needs a little paint to prevent corrosion later down the line.

The next issue was the slave cylinder. The one on the h22 tranny has a different mounting bracket and the hard line goes to the tranny, from there is goes into a banjo fitting into a hose line, then back to a hardline along the firewall. The stock F23 has a hardline from the master cylinderall the way across the firewall, then it goes into a soft line with no banjo fitting. So we cut the fitting out of the stock slave cylinder and welded it to the new slave on the h22 tranny so it too could be bolted down.

And thats about it for now. I am currently painting my intake tube black to match the rest of the engine bay. I dont want anything to stand out too much. The more stock looking the better.

But she's in.

02-01-2006, 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by Shaggs2Dope
Good work. The wiring and sensors on my lil bros JDM h22a has gone to ****. It runs again, but not anywhere near as strong. We had it installed by hacking the d15 wiring and using that instead of like an HAsport setup. Now the vtec solenoid isn't hitting right, and I think some other sensors fried because no matter what vtec lobes arent hitting.

btw, say hello to wheelspin with that flywheel. is the prolite 8.5 or 13. My flywheel has made my powerband insane. it feels like im only at 2k and my revs are already past 4k. throttle response is insane with the fidanza on the f23. we stuck with heavier flywheel in the h22 hatch and it would snap axles like nobodies business
The wiring is my biggest fear at this point. I know I will be ****ting my pants tomorrow when we go tostart it for the first time. If It doesnt start, I dont want it to be because of my wiring.

The fly wheel is the Streelite, its about 12.5 lbs or so, the stock one is about 15-16lbs, so it should help without going too nutty.

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