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Old 09-12-2006, 02:14 AM
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talontsiawd has their shit togethertalontsiawd has their shit togethertalontsiawd has their shit togethertalontsiawd has their shit together
Ok, overall impressions. For the work, and price, this was great. It was pretty time consuming, about 10-12 hours but it was worth it for sure. It has a very nice look without being over the top. They are bight but there is a dimmer. Probably the first led conversion where i actually need to turn it down. Price, damn good in my oppinion. What is pictured was $40. And i've done half the cruise, have an led left over. 3 more and i've done everything. That includes all interior lights but the doors.

Install-Easy, but not necessarily if you haven't done this before. This is my second time doing a whole interior, maybe the 4th time total as i've added leds to friends cars here and there. The wiring was basic, even where i did my own custom stuff. If you are handy with a solding iron and a multimeter your golden. If not, you may want to purchace a kit. Everything else was very easy, just took time. All documented above, don't really need to re-expalin it.

Now if you got a blue kit, or blue leds, this would have been like 3 hours tops. Most of it was getting rid of honda stuff. It would probably be much dimmer. Or if you did the white and didn't deal with the filters, the same amount of time. I'd go with the later, i felt it was a better blue and brigher. No need for mods or anything either.

Look-Now like i said, i was feeling the blue. Until i finished. So much better. It's got a nice, classy look. Nothing over the top at all. It does grab attention but only because it's bright. It's clean, it's realitively easy on the eyes, and it's similar to some newer, oem interiors. I think i made the right choice.

Problems i encountered. My speedo is acting up. I'm 99% sure it's hitting. ANd when i'm at a constant speed, it's 5 mph off. If my tach is right. But, being an ex-dsmer, i know about 20 people i could borrow a datalogger from and be right on track. And i'm kicking myself in the *** cause i sold mine like 3 months ago. I'm pretty sure my tach is right, it is where it's supposed to be on idle. I'll hit the rev limiter tomorrow to see when there isn't anyone around. So, my speedo needs to be fixed, nothing i didn't think of, no big deal.

I defineatly recommend this, if you are hands on, can handle wiring, and tearing apart your presious car. I feel i got a much better result than the kits offered online, better price, and a better piece of mind, knowing that i did it the way i like to do it, the way i think is best, i didn't find much limitation.

One side note. The superbrightled.coms 74 wedge bulbs are a bit too purple for me. Just tinted enough so they don't match. I may or maynot redo this. They look fine until you compare to the 196 wedgebulbs.
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