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Thread: Finally...
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Old 06-19-2015, 06:36 AM
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Re: Finally...

Originally Posted by RedRyder View Post
I’m kind of to this point with games where I’m more interested in remakes than new releases. Some new games are great, but I’d get far more satisfaction from seeing games (like FF II, III, or Chrono Trigger) that were made in times of limited technology remade today with how far consoles have come. Seeing some of the old games realized with today’s capabilities would be incredible. And they are all guaranteed cash cows, the good ones anyway.

I love FF II, but FF III is great too…I’m playing the PS remake of III right now. Never got to play the SNES version, but at local vintage game stores copies go for good money.
I remember I was fascinated to play these earlier series in NES & SNES b/c they were the originals. (No such remakes going on in 80's 'n 90's anyways, but more like playing top hits from the arcade conversions at home.) And being a kid at the time, I was able to fully feel empathetically in the RPGs, unlike any other type of video games lol.

FF or Dragon Quest series was my first RPG that got me really into playing video games. In JPN, people lined up in front of the stores like the Black Friday up here, every time when the new series is released; It was from elementary school kids to fully grown up adults lol. Yeah, it all depends on how games are targeting player's age generation, but I would also love to play some of those NES/SNES remakes w/ crazy HD CG graphics. Chrono Trigger; That's a good one. I remember that the characters were designed by the author of Dragon Ball, and it was popular in the market. There's a remake of FF6 from SNES on PS1 as FF3 in US?? Didn't even know that haha.

Originally Posted by Varnell View Post
I imagined the motorcycle chase scene in CG's. lol

I've been an FF fan since first playing FFVII. I've never posted anything video game related on the forum since I had no idea you guys played.

The FFVII remake isn't a remaster like FFX HD, but an actual remake by a third party company other than Square. While disappointing, it's probably best to keep Square away from the game since most of the staff responsible for the early success of the FF series has left the company.

In my initial excitement I thought I may have to buy a PS4 for this game, but the trailer states that it will "come to PS4 first." I honestly doubt it will come to Xbox like FFXIII, but a PC release on Steam seems obvious after the success of the Final Fantasy ports already on Steam.

Obviously nothing has been announced as far as gameplay or story. With the spinoffs since FFVII's original release, I imagine they'll try to incorporate, or at least hint at Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. I highly doubt they'll take many risks with gameplay changes.
Which scene? b/c there's a lot lol.

I'd want to buy a PS4, if Gran Turismo 7 comes out, and that's of course if I can kill my mod bugs for quite a while lol.

To me, my impression of FF is: more cartoonish characters, theme of crystal, Cid being involved in the story, "realistic" looking monsters / enemies / Guardian Forces, etc. such as FF1 ~ FF7 & 9. It's cool that they've been changing out the size of the characters to life-size since FF8, 10 ~ present. And this remake FF7 as well. But, to me, it kinda looks like these newer series are getting "too realistic", and it reminds me of seeing some of the scenes from Starwars movie haha. I felt like I was playing the FF series that I knew, when I was playing FF9.

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