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Thread: Finally...
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Old 01-10-2018, 07:39 PM
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Re: Finally...

Originally Posted by RedRyder View Post
I am with you, I mean the people that played this game in the late 90's are the reason it has the following it has, the reason for all the spin-off games and movies. And those people love it because of what it was, so yeah just freakin give us what we want and reproduce the exact same game with more content (Aerith revival would be cool maybe), tweak some elements that were slow or clunky, add advanced graphics, and composed musical arrangements. Personally I prefer turn based battles when it comes to RPG's over action oriented, I like entering all the commands and watching it all play out, etc where in action oriented battles I just feel like I am button mashing. I just don't feel like there is as much strategy with that. But I know the ATB concept is outdated and dying, still I guess I'm old fashioned and enjoy it.

Anyway I know they are trying to appeal to younger gamers and people who have never played it, which in a way is good, but I just worry they are changing it too much and it will change the feel of the game, therby eliminating the nostalgia effect it may or may not have had. But I am trying to be open minded. I just think they should be catering more to the people that made this remake happen in the first place. But hey if it ends up blowing me away with awesomeness, then whatever.

Uhhh when Cait Sith died, no fux were given...I mean I hated that big dopey jackass. I never used him in the PHS, he was like the jar jar binks of Final Fantasy for me. But when Aerith was killed, I was PISSED. And quite sad haha. But yeah that game really stirred your emotions if you got into it. Which I did, every Friday night in highschool for several hours.

Another thing I am curious about is the world map...I know that is a huge and daunting thing to try and recreate with new graphics, animation, etc. But that's what made old RPG's great, getting out of the initial setting and then out into the open world. That's what makes it feel like an adventure. If you don't have that, you get a boring linear game, like FFXIII. Or maybe there was one, I didn't make it because I hated it so much I quit playing and sold it out of disgust haha.
All my friends like the new FF. I cant understand why. I have to admit when aerith died I was literally like this I swore revenge although I never made it that far lol. I loved the vehicle system for the world map as well. Sub, airship and buggy. It was seriously one of the greatest games ever made. The battle system needs to be revised in my opinion. Ever fight emerld weapon? I made the mistake of crashing into him with the submarine. Did 20,000 damage to two characters in one turn, I did a few thousand and then bam 20,000 more and game over.

Oh and an autosave system. I can not stand when you dont save it and you lose to some enemies casting toad and you lose everything. Other than that I like the world map idea with the miniaturized cities. Lets hope square delivers. I remember someone showing me game-play peeks and the battle system was pretty much like crisis core.
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