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Thread: Finally...
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Old 01-11-2018, 12:54 PM
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Re: Finally...

I don't get that either, my other problem with XIII was the characters sucked. The lighthearted young child warrior characters asian culture seems to love annoy the hell out of me. Selphie, I think her name was in XIII, wanted to make me claw my eyes out. Then there was that Hope kid, he was just a mopey *****. Square used to have such cool badass characters in their RPG's. I haven't played XV though, have you?

I've made it to the last area of FFVII on PS1, PC, and again on PS3, but I have never actually beaten the game. Yea the multiple forms of transportation were a nice touch, you always appreciated new ones because you could access new areas. I never fought Emerald, I remember watching videos on how to do it though. I think he's the hardest one? I want to say I fought Ruby, but can't remember. Either one takes massive amount of planning and strategy...not sure I have the patience haha. Can't imagine a painstaking battle taking 20 minutes and near the end I make one wrong move and I'm dead or something.

Autosave would be nice. I probably spend a lot of time saving by the time all is said and done, I am a little OCD about it haha. Speaking of time spent...I think the most I ever put into the game was 87 hours or something. Oops.

I agree the battle system does need to be updated somewhat, it is a little slow and clunky. I think I read once the system used in Crisis Core is widely lauded so I'm sure most people will like Remake's.

I hope all the original cinematics are included and just updated. I loved watching those.

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