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Re: Frankensteins Official Thread

Originally Posted by capsidx View Post
Rambling is always appreciated, it's how we make friends lol. Honda was weird with tranny's back in the late 90s or more specifically the 6th gen. The automatic transmissions were notorious for failing while the manual transmission virtually never failed. I have to agree with on how the car looks. It has an aggressive stance, the classic Honda teardrop headlights and taillights . These cars had power windows (something only high end luxury cars had) and had some of the most advanced features available on cars at the time. Honda sold these cars for a fraction of the price of the higher end cars and we got an amazing bargain . Not only did you get a beautiful interior, amazing offset colors, well fitting trim pieces, comfortable seats which lasted, everything you need within reach, and an in control feel but you got a sporty engine and a really really smooth ride that most cars still can't produce.

New cars annoy me because it seems like we're going backwards. More plastic in the motor, parts failing sooner and catastrophic failures costing lives like the GM scandal. I like to hear my car too so there's one thing I love. Not overly sound deadened, just right.

You owning an antique Volkswagen says you put up with a lot of maintainence issues lol. I'm not a fan of the 5th generation or any of the newer ones. My girlfriend's sister has a 2015 and I hate everything about it except the shift knob, (A/T). Other than that I don't like it. I heard a horror story where this guy was driving a 9th gen Civic and his crankshaft broke in half on the highway. Honda says it was his fault lol. This is one reason I refuse to buy a new car. If I had to get a newer one id literally only go 1 gen higher lol

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I just could never understand how Honda, a company built on the name of reliability could produce the Auto trans used in the 6th gen Accord, and knowingly sell it to the public. I realize that the numbers probably were evenly split on the 4 cylinders (AT vs MT), but the V6 cars only got the AT. This means if you have a V6 your days were numbered on when you were going to have a trans failure. It was more of a when, rather than if. The info I researched tells me that the I4 cars with AT went further (a lot further) than the V6 cars before you had a trans failure. But I'd really like to know what Honda did from 97 to 98 on the trans, as I bet that's part of the key to why they fail.
The MT is a bullet proof combo, which is why I was looking for a 5 speed car when I went shopping for myself.
My wife originally thought I was buying the 00 Accord for me, until I handed her the key. She thought she was getting my daily beater Geo Prizm (Toyota Corolla clone), but what I was doing was giving her a very nice upgraded car to drive. I drove the Geo for another year plus, before I bought the 97 as an upgrade for myself. But after looking at both cars sitting in the driveway, I decided I wanted to try and find a 6th gen for myself. I wasn't looking very hard though, as the 5th gen Accord is a really nice car to drive, and all it needed after 4 months was an exhaust replacement (was thin in spots when I bought it) as it kept getting louder and louder every time I drove it.
But the 6th gen seems more of an upgrade to the 5th gen, in that it's wider in the "greenhouse" area, and a couple of inches wider in the door/hip area, which helps it feel more spacious even though it's only 3 cubic feet bigger inside, and built on the same wheel base. :O But, the body design looks dated, compared to the 6th gen. Don't get me wrong, I love the design of the 6th gen Accord. I think the sedan is the best looking body style too, as it really doesn't look like a 4 door due to the moulding around the windows, but it is. There's a lot of room in the back seat too (we've had 3 full size adults in the back of my wife's car) which is nice, and a huge trunk (go out on a 10 day trip with 3 adults) , and a car that WILL run at 80 mph all day long with the cruise set, and the AC on and you've got the ultimate cruise mobile. Now that's something I love, and can get behind the wheel of.

As for newer cars going backward, I think it's more to help idiot drivers than anything. Cars were meant to be driven, which means using your eyes, ears, and your other senses to keep it going down the road in the correct lane. It wasn't meant for you to let the thing "self drive" while you're on your phone or texting. You took control of the steering wheel, which means you're responsible or your actions behind it, NOT the computer. Try and find a car today that doesn't have some sort of computer in it. You can't, unless you buy a used one from the early to mid 70's or even before that. I've got an 80 TA on the rotisserie here that had a small ECU in it for spark control due to having a turbo (it's an 80 TA Indy pace car).

Yes, owning an old air cooled VW means I used to working on the car to keep it in tip top condition. I've done long drives in it (16.5 hours straight), and gone to many states as well. It was built as a cruiser back in 1999 when I got it off e-bay, and fully went thru it. Don't get me wrong, I've done a ton of repair work to it over the years, starting with rust repair to brakes, to engine and fuel systems, to interior work. When I got it, it was a step or 2 above a "parts car". Now it's a couple of steps below "show car", which is fine with me as I didn't build it to show, I built it to drive.

I'm not really interested in buying a new car, or even a newer car. Our 99 and 00 are about as new as I want. The 99 replaced my 97 Accord which replaced my 97 S-10. I've got an 06 full size pick up too, but it mostly sits in the back yard, as you can't get 4 people in the cab (standard cab 8 ft box). That was thing around here, I either had a good 2 person hauler, or a small bus (GM Astro mini van) to haul people or stuff in. The only car (actual car) was either my Geo, or my VW's. So, I sold my other VW (it went to the UK) and bought my wife's 2000 Honda Accord. Then I sold my truck and bought my 2nd Honda Accord (the 97). Then I came across the 99 for sale, and bought my 3rd Honda Accord. Now, I just want to keep the 2 6th gens, off the 5th gen, and get caught up on vehicle maintenance of everything else sitting here.
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