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Re: Frankensteins Official Thread

Originally Posted by capsidx View Post
Thanks to Richard aka Sil2DrV6 for the formatting idea and having one of the cleanest 6th gens around.

A lot of people probably read my 5 speed swap story and had a good laugh at my expense. All good lol. For those who didn't, I basically didn't fully bleed the clutch and drove through the garage door lol. So here's my 6th gen. Got it for 300 dollars with a failing auto trans. Since I did my first oil change I've spent almost all my money getting this car healthy again.

Engine: F23a4 ULEV

Engine parts:
* Spectre cold air intake
* Spectre valve cover vent filter
* Denso radiator cap
* NGK iridium spark plugs
* NGK spark plug wires

* 5 speed F23a manual transmission (converted from A/T)
* Duralast clutch kit for now
* Excedy clutch slave cylinder
* Duralast clutch master cylinder (their parts aren't that bad lol)
* Cardone drivers side half shaft
* Cardone passenger side axle

* Raybestos front rotors
* Raybestos ceramic brake pads
* Raybestos rear drum shoes
* Raybestos rear brake cylinder (right)

* Front bumper stitches
* 95 Toyota Camry wing
* Avs wind visors (sides)
* Spec D tuning headlights

* Moog front sway bar links
* Moog outer tie rod ends
* Moog upper control arm w/ball joint (right)
* Moog sway bar link bushings

* Megan racing 4-2-1 headers
* Flowmaster universal high flow cat
* Exhaust pipe scavenged from another car(Frankenstein exhaust lol)
* Flowmaster 40 series muffler

* OEM cloth seats
* Custom crap window tint
* Installed manual 99 accord brake pedal
* Installed manual 99 accord clutch pedal
* Installed OEM shift knob and boot
* Installed Manual ECU from 99 accord (so ghetto it deserves its own thread)
* Sony radio
* "Custom" center console charging hub
* Aux cable routed under console to inside center console
* Rubbermaid vent pouch
* Febreze vent mounted air freshners
* Iequuis oil pressure gauge
* Iequuis pillar mounted gauge pod
* Sylvania zevo LED door bulbs (6418)
* OEM woodgrain center console lid
* OEM woodgrain dash bezel
* Sylvania Zevo LED Dome light
** The most shady wiring ever

* Honda genuine manual transmission fluid
* Pennzoil platinum full synthetic 5w30 motor oil
* Rain X windshield washer fluid
* Valvoline DOT 3 brake fluid (clutch & brake)
* Prestone 50/50 antifreeze
* Honda genuine power steering fluid


A lot was performed recently

* Driver's side axle (186,XXX)
* Passengers side axle (186,XXX)
* Clutch installed (186,XXX)
* Driver's side wheel hub (184,XXX)

* Heater core coolant hose (171,XXX)
* Oil change (172,XXX)
* Intake manifold deep cleaned (174,XXX) (not fun)
* Rocker arms and shaft cleaned (174,XXX) (definitely not fun)
* Oil pan gasket replaced (179,XXX)
* Oil change (180,XXX)
* Coolant flush (184,XXX)
* Valve cover replaced(185,XXX)
* Clutch fluid flush (186,XXX)
* Brake flush (186,XXX)
* Winshield wiper fluid fill (186,XXX)

* Thermostat housing o ring (17X,XXX)
* Radiator drain plug o ring (180,XXX)
* Distributor inner seal (18X,XXX)
* Rear main seal(185,XXX)
* Vtec solenoid body o rings (185,XXX)
* Distributor shaft o ring (186,XXX)(5 times, ended up sealing with rtv, still leaking)
* Valve cover gasket (186,XXX)
* Drivers side axle seal (186,XXX)

Body and chassis:
* Lower control arm (18X,XXX) (right)(bent)
* Upper control arm w/ball joint (18X,XXX) (right)
* Hood (182,XXX)
* Drivers side mirror(182,XXX)
* Subframe (18X,XXX)
* New Windshield (Front)
* Front sway bar links (18X,XXX)
* Front tie rod ends (186,XXX)
* Front and rear sway bar link bushings (185,XXX)

* ECT sensor (171,XXX)
* MAP sensor (173,XXX)
* Battery replacement (185,XXX)
* TPS sensor (186,XXX)
* VSS sensor (186,XXX)
* Fuel rail harness tuck (186XXX)
* Passenger side headlight, radiator, horn,AC compressor / condenser harness tuck (186,XXX)
* Battery tray removed (186,XXX)
* Battery moved http://www.6thgenaccord.com/forums/s....php?p=1095797
* TPS, vtec pressure switch, vtec solenoid, map and distributor harness tuck (186,XXX)

Wheels and Tires:
* Stock steelies with OEM wheel covers
* Douglass Wal Mart tires lol ( no track days)

Goals & Advice:
Trying to prove people wrong and make this a sporty family sedan. I wanted to keep the car low profile so no body kits, no crazy Mugen wheels or eBay lips kits. The goal is to leave the outside as is (with the exception of the wing because it looks horrible imo without it) and focus on the chassis and engine.

I don't plan on going crazy and building a 700 wheel horsepower ride. Just an easy going daily with enough power to dominate most sports cars on the road ( I don't encourage speeding or fart cans).

I don't plan on doing a motor swap either. I want to build a turbo kit for the f23 motor since they are relatively inexpensive​ and take a lot of abuse. However, before any of that the car needs to be in peak condition which it isn't right now so go fast parts will have to wait.

To the younger guys who don't consider maintenance important , please do. Your car will thank you in the long run. Take the time to do it right and hopefully only one time as opposed to a bunch of times because you ignored maintainence and went straight to performance. 90s Honda motors are amazing and take plenty of abuse but they aren't indestructible.

Want to know anything? Just ask. Want me to do a thread on something? Just ask lol.

Ps: I added some funnies in the photos. Yes it fell off while I was driving.
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Originally Posted by capsidx View Post

I moved the battery over and removed the battery tray to add more space to the engine bay. The battery mount in the side is made from two old radiator support brackets and turned out nicely. They work great.

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Frankenstein's thread

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