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How to fix your SRS light caused by driver seatbelt buckle

Hey guys, so I finally got around to fixing my SRS light. If you don't know how to read SRS codes here's a DIY:


How to reset the SRS light:

I got a SRS code 9-3 which is for the driver seatbelt buckle switch. Stealership wants $100 to read the code, and the part is around $100 + labour. My car is out of the extended seatbelt warranty. I have no idea how long the transmission is going to last, so I'm trying to save money on repairs.

The switch is just there to tell your car your seat belt is connected. This is for the airbag to determine how fast it should deploy in a crash etc. The switch is not serviceable, so you have to replace the whole belt buckle.

USE THIS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! You will lose the seat belt reminder light and chime.

This trick fools the SRS system into thinking your seat belt is plugged in all the time! If you always wear your seat belt then this method should be safe, if you don't then the airbag will still think you are wearing your seat belt and deploy at full force. So if you plan on not wearing your seat belt do not use this method!

My DIY fix total cost: $1.20 , takes about 15 mins for the whole job.

Go to a electronics / hobby store or Radio Shack and buy an 1 M ohm resistor. (1 M = 1 Mega = 1,000,000 ohm)

A paper clip or speaker wire (3 inches is enough)


It's optional to disconnect the negative battery, do it to be on the safe side, make sure you remember your radio code.

Move seat forward and all the way up. Look under the seat from the rear, and find the buckle switch connector. Disconnect the connector by pushing down on the tab.

Look at the female side of the connector, which is the one connected to the main harness. Plug in your 1M ohm resistor to the pin 1 & 2. The black wire is pin 1.

Plug in your speaker wire or paper clip to pin 1 and pin 3. Make sure they fit nicely together.

That's it. Follow the link above and reset the SRS light. If you did it right, the light should stay off. If the connections are not tight, the light will come back on right away.

If the light is staying off after you do the reset, then use black electrical tape to seal the pins and the connector.

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