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Cool Re: Replacing F23A4 with F23A?. Any new parts I need? + Can't remove AT drain plug

Originally Posted by SupraGuy View Post
Well, if you are replacing the timing belt, I am given to understand that replacing the water pump at the same time is generally recommended. Replacing the timing belt is something that I would probably generally do if I have the engine out, particularly an interference engine, which is the majority of Hondas.
Originally Posted by Eclipse99fwb View Post
When you do the timing belt replace the balance shaft belt at the same time ...
I bought a timing belt kit on Amazon that includes a timing belt, a balance shaft belt, a timing belt tensioner, a balance shaft belt tensioner, a camshaft front seal, a crankshaft front seal, a water pump and water pump seal, a valve cover gasket, 4 spark plug tube seals, and 5 grommets (not sure what these last ones are for). That's from the description on the Amazon page that I can't link to because I need to be a member for at least a week, apparently. Are these enough? Should I replace all of the old parts with the new aftermarket parts in this kit while I'm at it?

Originally Posted by Eclipse99fwb View Post
Also replace as many seals as possible alot easier to do with the motor out.
Which seals are you talking about? Are the ones I've listed above enough? I'm new to all of this so I'm not sure what I should and shouldn't replace.

Originally Posted by SupraGuy View Post
You can (And should!) flush the cooling system still remaining in the car. If the heater core is still good, you can do so by connecting a hose to the coolant line and flushing it with plenty of fresh water. If you are concerned about potential debris in the cooling system, you can flush it backwards, too. This isn't hard to do with the engine out of the car. You must make sure that any valves are fully open when you do this. It shouldn't be necessary to remove the heater core.
If I understand correctly, I should flush my radiator and heater core by connecting a hose and blasting them with water. Would the minerals and other contaminants in water from a garden hose make the system rust? Or is it alright since it's such a short duration of time spent flushing before new coolant goes in? I also have a pressure washer. Would it be useful for this? I don't know if the rubber hoses would hold up.

Originally Posted by SupraGuy View Post
If your radiator is good, I see no reason to replace it unless you have a need for an upgrade, such as additional thermal load (Such as a turbocharger or supercharger, which will make more heat as it makes more power.)
A simple flush it is then. Should I get one of the radiator cleaning solutions that supposedly degrease? I'm pretty sure I have oil floating around inside my radiator somewhere because of the cracked block.

Originally Posted by SupraGuy View Post
For choice of coolant, so long as your coolant is compatible with aluminum cylinder heads, it ought to be fine.
I'll go with whatever's cheaper then. Is the green Prestone stuff alright?

Originally Posted by SupraGuy View Post
Those drain plugs can be a stone *****. ... Go to town.
That ATF drain plug along with the rusted exhaust manifold/downpipe bolts were the worst things to get out so far. Waiting on my ball joint separator tool to come in on Saturday before I can keep going with getting the old engine out.

Originally Posted by Eclipse99fwb View Post
... along with install the guard (there is a tsb on it cant remember what number) prevents the balance shaft pulley seal from popping out.
Is it TSB 00-073? It seems to be for 5th gen Accords, but if so, would it be this part number: 06923-P0A-306 for the 6th gen Accord as well?

Thanks again for the help, guys. Not sure if this is the proper way to quote things to address them one at a time.
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