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Old 09-01-2016, 03:01 AM
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Re: Sil2DrV6's '02 CG2 EX-L

Originally Posted by 604ACCORD View Post
Must light up the whole trunk now, I did a led strip in mine so much better. Cars looking good. Feels nice have everything running smoothly.
Yea the LED lighting in our trunk cargo is much better than stock, but sometimes I feel like I don't want to pop it up in the night w/ ppl around, when it's so messy inside there lol. Thanks man, it feels sooo nice but I really gotta watch out on my driving habits (and gas $ lol.) Btw, I'm in WA. Would def like to meet up w/ ya when I visit Vancouver! Or, you lmk when you're visiting seattle!

Originally Posted by phi1542 View Post
Once you got your full camber kit does your car drive perfectly straight now? My car is lowered probably the same as yours, it's not slammed but I'm not sure if I should get a front UCA camber kit and Rear UCA/LCA camber kit. Was it worth it?
My front UCA is stock. I had a pair of Ingalls camber adjustable front upper ball joints originally, only b/c I was told by a shop that my BBS wheels wouldn't be able to align properly on my car w/o a set of adjustable front ball joints. Later on, my front right one got busted so I replaced it with SPC's. So, I only have ball joints that are camber adjustable for the front to this date.

Same deal again; I was told to get a set of adjustable rear UCA's for my wheels, and I got Wicked Tuning's. Later on my right one got busted, so I replaced it with SPC's

In addition to my rear setting, I decided to get a set of adjustable rear LCAs by Powertrix. This LCA allows you to have demon camber settings, but I bought this set, only b/c it prevents the rear tires from being toed-in. Now, this LCA has made the car really stable on a straight line for real. I have yet to have the alignment service after the initial installation a year and a half ago, but it seems to be pretty solid. It's b/c I usually can tell by the look of the rear tires being tucked in over the course of time, which I don't really see them tucked in like how they used to. Also, before getting the Powertrix, the car always felt like it needed an alignment after about a year, when driving on freeways. However, it's been a year and half, but my car still drives pretty damn straight and steady at any speed till 130 mph or so.

Hope this helps ya.

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