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  1. CG5_Accord_MT
    CG5_Accord_MT kn0x47
    heard you were parting out your car and returning it to stock. I would like to know what is still available. thanks
  2. Jimmy M
    Jimmy M
    1999 Accord V-6 3.0 Bouncing idle
  3. Jimmy M
    Jimmy M
    idle surging up and down
  4. pattygoesrawr
    What three things does a car need to start..? Fuel, fire, and that which I desire.
  5. CG5_Accord_MT
  6. RedRyder
    RedRyder Raiden
    There are a few Facebook pages for the 6GA, one of them might have a correlation with this forum but not sure.
  7. Raiden
    Raiden RedRyder
    I like your honda. clean as hell. is there a facebook group
  8. bavarianblessed
    bavarianblessed SergA73
    Hey Serga, would you happen to have the complete 6th gen SiR service manual? I have a scan of the ECU pin out in Russian for the PCF and PCB but need some more info from that manual.
  9. Robertl
    Robertl BadgerType
    Hey just curious witch obd1 computer ya using? And did ya have to do any electrical mods to make gauges work?
  10. 2001CoupeEX-L