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  1. Kauai Kimo
    Kauai Kimo
    Aloha! Came here from Why not?! Haha Aloha
  2. dpham671
    dpham671 RedRyder
    I have a 98 4cylinder automatic model so I'm assuming V6 steering wheel will fit mine. Also '99 Acura CL interior window/door chrome trim mod, any pics of it? Direct fit? 07 Acura TL-S MT rear sway 20mm w/Moog end links mod. Will that work on my car? Continued post due to 420 character limit,
  3. dpham671
    dpham671 RedRyder
    Hi Red super clean car you got. So I'm new here to the forum and not sure how to inbox people, but I have a few questions. I was looking at your mods and what year TL/CL is the OEM strut bar you used on your car? Is it direct fit? How about the CL-S steering wheel? Just in case I can't find a CL-S model regular CL model should be the same right(fitment wise) ?
  4. 20accoedex01
    20accoedex01 capsidx
    Hey I need the alternator and the distributor off that f23a4
  5. CG5_Accord_MT
    CG5_Accord_MT kn0x47
    heard you were parting out your car and returning it to stock. I would like to know what is still available. thanks
  6. Jimmy M
    Jimmy M
    1999 Accord V-6 3.0 Bouncing idle
  7. Jimmy M
    Jimmy M
    idle surging up and down
  8. pattygoesrawr
    What three things does a car need to start..? Fuel, fire, and that which I desire.
  9. CG5_Accord_MT
  10. RedRyder
    RedRyder Raiden
    There are a few Facebook pages for the 6GA, one of them might have a correlation with this forum but not sure.