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  1. Boosted_Dilly
    Boosted_Dilly BlkCurrantKord
    Any way you can give me permission to send pms?
    1. BlkCurrantKord
      No, I can't just "give" you permission. You have to accumulate posts before sending pm's and posting items F/S. Forum rules.
      Sep 22, 2020 at 9:49 AM
  2. Boosted_Dilly
    Boosted_Dilly Shaggy
    Can you approve me to send messages.
  3. Thumper0326
    Scratching the Itch
  4. Thumper0326
    Figuring out how to navigate this forum first
  5. dpham671
    dpham671 C_S_L
    Do you still have the headlight?
    1. C_S_L
      Yes I do.
      Sep 3, 2020
  6. dpham671
    dpham671 itsbentheboy
    Thank you for the manual
  7. itsbentheboy
  8. Drdrunkle13
    New to group. So glad I found yall. Only had it 4 months. I've got a 00 Accord EX Sedan. Absolutely love my ride. So many mods.
  9. Brett Inskeep
    Brett Inskeep jerrychoochoo
    would love to chop it up some more and hear any input you may have on my car. it is white as well and i am looking into new wheels asap and would like to hear out some of your opinions and experiences. is there any where else we could chat?
  10. Brett Inskeep
    Brett Inskeep jerrychoochoo
    yo dude, loved what you did to the accord and so glad i came across your forum. very sad to see it go but mad respect for the gut reaction impulse buys and sticking to them; its great to hear them paying off. i have an 02 V6 EXL, 205.5k miles.