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  1. Kyle Pendleton
    Kyle Pendleton
    If you cant blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.
  2. Mason Eidson
    Mason Eidson kn0x47
    Hey brother, another member told me you may have a set of Depo Tails with the clear top half for a coupe. Very interested in buying a set. Let me Know!
  3. Alex D
    Alex D ryan s
    Hey Ryan, I realize this is an old post but I have a question about your intake resonator post.

    I purchased a used 98 a couple years ago and have begun working on it. It was in an accident and the resonator was crushed. From your post, it appears you removed it. If that's correct, why did you do that? Should I even consider looking for a replacement for mine, or leave as is?

    Thanks again
  4. Slowite
    Slowite capsidx
    Please help. I did h23a swap and now no power.
  5. Slowite
    Slowite jdmcg3
    Please help. F23a1 swap to h23a. No power?
  6. rovani
    rovani Connie
    hi Connie, really need your help sorting my jdm j30a in my 2002 ex coupe. did you change the intake manifold? cause the accord ports go str8 t the head but the odyssey has doors that open from an actuator. please please i need help
    also are you running th stock ecu or jdm ecu?
  7. SergA73
    My darling of a car Honda Accord Coupe 6thgen
  8. new_beginnings
    new_beginnings C_S_L
    $200 shipped. I’m in Maryland, 20850.
    1. C_S_L
      $260 is my best.
      May 10, 2019
  9. new_beginnings
    new_beginnings C_S_L
    Price still firm?
    1. C_S_L
      whats your offer?
      May 4, 2019
  10. Tee6gen
    Tee6gen Egi7
    Hi im new here. I was wondering how well did the h22 with auto transmission went? I am putting together the same setup and was wondering if u can provide me a list of what you did to set this up. Advice..plz