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  1. Koyote91
    Can a automatic transmission work with a manual set up
  2. Koyote91
    Now I'm in search of a five speed transmission and clutch.....
  3. Koyote91
    My transmission went out on my 99 accord 5 speed. Some one stole it...but its back
  4. King Taz
    King Taz
    Should I post the pic of the new front end?
  5. King Taz
    King Taz
    Just swapped the bumper/hood on my 99 sedan!!
  6. King Taz
    King Taz
    Will post more pics in the morning or when the car gets washed.
  7. King Taz
    King Taz
    Have owned my 1999 6GA since May 2020 and have been lurking on this site since!!lol
  8. Austin M
    Austin M
    Completed my full vehicle led swap today and installed android head unit
  9. Austin M
    Austin M
    Probably busy modifying my car
  10. Island Boy
    Island Boy
    Enjoying life after COVID.,