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  1. SterlingCG6
    SterlingCG6 ickna11
    Hey. Were you perhaps interested in selling your ions?
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    2. ickna11
      Let me know I'll pull them soon.
      Oct 10, 2021
  2. _S0NiC_
    just finished swapping out the S2K AP2 V1 stagger wheels for 18" FS7 s2k AP2 V1 reps.
  3. _S0NiC_
    in the process of doing V6 Accord 5 Lug Conversion with TEiN Flex Z Coilovers. Rolling on S2k AP2 V1 Stagger 15mm Fronts 25mm Rear spacers.
  4. dpham671
    dpham671 Chris Vu
    What’s up bro you still trying to sell or what?
  5. AllAccording2Plan
    AllAccording2Plan BlkCurrantKord
    I saw your write up on the DIY LX 5 lug conversion with discs I wanted to ask how you went about proportioning valve/ master cylinder swapping if you did? Ive been researching this for a week or so now and I cant seem to get any solid info on the proportioning valve swap/ master cylinders TL:DR am I able to just bolt up with the master/valve from a v6 once all other parts are swapped?
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    2. AllAccording2Plan
      Sweet that saved me a huge headache TY cant wait to get this conversion done and new 5 lug wheels!! (summer project)
      Jun 9, 2021
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    3. AllAccording2Plan
      Hey sorry not trying to spam you, but follow up post did you need to mess with swapping the trailing arms at all or any of the suspension or should it just bolt onto the knuckles?
      Jun 13, 2021
    4. BlkCurrantKord
      No. Everything is a direct bolt on
      Jun 14, 2021
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  6. Marc Garvey
    Marc Garvey Chris Vu
    Live local have stock parts. Lets do this
  7. dpham671
    dpham671 Chris Vu
    I’m interested in the rear sway bar. I’m in SoCal
  8. dpham671
    dpham671 RedRyder
    Continued it only allowed 240 letters lol.

    Honda_99 says drill it out bigger for it to fit. He says can’t swap lower control arms cuz it’s configured different. Some people were saying if it can be swapped on 7th gen accord then it should work on ours. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. dpham671
    dpham671 RedRyder
    Hey do you know if the Acura TL brembo calipers can be fitted into av6? I searched here and google but there’s no clear and definite answer because costs was to high or they were in on over their heads causing them to give up and sell their bbk. I have everything to make a swap but only thing is the lower ball joint.
    1. RedRyder
      I know I've read about this a couple times but it's been a while so I'm not recalling. I did a quick search and found this post:

      If that's true, seems more efficient to go with RL's which is more common.
      May 24, 2021
  10. Dougie
    F23A-1 rebuild