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  1. Hondatuner86
    Hondatuner86 RyMi
    What part of Indiana are you from? I'm in Chicago South East
  2. Hondatuner86
    Hondatuner86 Clonerenolc
    i'm on chicago south side as well....maybe we can have a meet or something
  3. Hondatuner86
    Hondatuner86 F23TypeR
    Nice Honda Accord
  4. Roadrage
    Roadrage DarkSideAccord
    Roy!!! Hey buddy long time no speak.
  5. Alex beja
    Alex beja BadgerType
    Hey man working on 99 accord auto to manual swap. The big connector in engine bay. I took all the electric tape and wire cover off. But I don’t see a grey wire on the plug. Any help would be appreciated
  6. 6ga burner
    6ga burner Chris Vu
    hello, are you still selling? Im looking for a black bumper cover/hood/front doors.
    This is my 4th cg but my first j swap and I just bought both a 01 cg and an 03 3.2 cl type s just before the new year.
  8. angel perez
    angel perez 6ga burner
    Hey I’ve seen you been asking about the side markers if I’m not mistaken there the same as ek side markers I’ve seen a lot of euro r accord with those side markers
    1. 6ga burner
      6ga burner
      Jan 18, 2022
    2. 6ga burner
      6ga burner
      would you happen to have any idea of what bumper covers with fog lights work for sedan? I see that coupes have fog lights, woul any bumper fit on 4 cylinder japanese manufactured 2002 sedan?
      Jan 18, 2022
    3. angel perez
      angel perez
      I have a set of those side markers if your interested and I usually check eBay to see what they have I’m on the hunt for some ukdm coupe foglights for my accord as we speak
      Jan 18, 2022
  9. Jon hill
    Jon hill WHEEELMAN
    Inbox me. Interested in the UR pulleys if you still have them. Thanks
  10. taylors_cg6
    taylors_cg6 WHEEELMAN
    Inbox me! Interested in buying
    something from you, thanks.