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  1. Allen83
    Allen83 SupraGuy
    Dan my name is Allen. Do you have a digital copy of the shop manual from Honda for the 98 to 2002 accord? If so can I possibly get a copy of it my email is [email protected] thanks buddy! I'm sorry to hear about your accord brother!
  2. 2pac
  3. AngelZapata
  5. Ricochet954
    Hi guys I'm new here with my recently purched 6th gen . Looking forward to be part of the family .
  6. SelfBuiltCG
    Seems like this forum is not what it used to be as far as active members goes... at least on the topics I’ve searched.
  7. yogib975
    yogib975 Bense
    Hey dude I saw your post on the H23 swap in 01 accord I have a question how did you get the temperature sending unit to work as my harness doesn’t have a lead for it ?
  8. Sketch o5
    Sketch o5 Ashton
    no problem! glad i could help you out a little bit. happy modding! haha.
  9. Sketch o5
    Sketch o5 Ashton
    you'll be fine with the stock wheels.
  10. Sketch o5
    Sketch o5 Ashton
    haha, ok, well that car had ksport coilovers and the wheels were RH Evolution C5's and they were nothing special at 17x7 +40 :thumbup: