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    What did you do today Auto Detailing related?

    6thGens were on my mind I guess. Every few months I miss it :lurking:
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    What did you do today Auto Detailing related?

    Any tips on using a DA polisher? I just bought one a few months ago but haven't had a chance to use it much. I bought a few different Chemical Guy pads as well. Is it even needed to wax? Or really only necessary when polishing? I have always done everything by hand.
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    Shrimp on the barbie 2015 - Fall Meet

    Sorry I waited to respond this late Chris, I am not on here as much so I didn't see your message until now. I won't be able to go. I wish I had a car nice enough to show everyone. Have fun guys!!!
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    kn0x and RedRyder (again)

    lousy adult priorities!!!! :banghead: Side note, I am not sure if I could even lower my car. The garage entrance has more slope than I initially thought after looking one day. It wouldn't be an issue if I could angle, but that isn't an option with two cars parked in it. :(
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    kn0x and RedRyder (again)

    yeah I haven't really spent much time looking. I still "want" to but being a homeowner has changed my priorities lately. Maybe one day!!!
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    Questions about a roof rack

    This should have everything you need. Just select your vehicle info and it will show you the measurements.
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    kn0x and RedRyder (again)

    Awesome I think I may buy one from I have really wanted a wide angle lately and I think they only run around 300-400 used? Wrapped Accord by Eric, on Flickr> 6th Gen Accord by Eric, on Flickr
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    kn0x and RedRyder (again)

    A bit late to this but, How do you like the Tokina 11-16? I am thinking about buying one because i want a wide angle. Pics look good!!! I need to post up the pics I took of your car. Looks amazing in person
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    Official Random Photo thread

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    Sketch o5's 2013 Scion FR-S 6MT

    Re: Sketch o5's 2013 Scion FR-S Me Likey!!!!!
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    What did you do today Auto Detailing related?

    Well if it makes you feel any better when I walked outside to see my car covered you were the first person I thought of haha.
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    What did you do today Auto Detailing related?

    Are there any good sprays for the car just for small spots, specifically bird crap? The new place I work at seems to have lots of birds, and almost daily I find my car covered. I have a quick wash product I use now, but it doesn't seem to work that well. I just need something to use for between...
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    New from TN

    Welcome to the site! Always nice to see some local people on the board. My 6thgen was from Trickett as well.
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    Ride of the Year: michael_accord

    Congrats! Great looking accord.
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    Contest #33 - Fire (EXTENDED to whenever I receive 4 entries)

    I need a fireplace, or a match or something so I can enter haha

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