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    Official May 28th Nanuet/Palisades Mall Meet

    i can still come wif my euro?:hide:..shes not anything special tho..but i wanna still see u guys rides lol
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    pics just for fun 56k

    nice drop n rims man keep it goin
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    ACCORD786 CG UPDATE (56k ??)

    clean coupe..but u needa de-pop the mad jdm hood IMO
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    Sick Accord Found

    photoshop or not its clean
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    some pics

    right? sheesh lmao story bro. yea B i know but the civic's gone and i got a new "project" so we'll see wut i do wit her..yo man we shud link up this summer shoot some pics
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    sup again lol

    appreciate it
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    NotNice Coupe 01-15-13

    Re: Slammed Coupe its nice
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    Stee's Accord

    nice not really feelin the stickers all over the rack but on the dash it looks fresh..u got the best color accord tho :) pops in the sun
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    sup again lol

    thanks dude thanks not factory theyre actually m3 tails thanks man
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    sup again lol

    yea its just a 3 series but arent all the 3 series of this era condsidered an e36? or is that only for m3's? and thanks man:D
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    sup again lol

    sup guys...havent really been posting often since i sold my accord :(. anyway some of u guys know recently i got a civic. recently sold that car..was a little too loud and bumpy for me but it was a fun car..anyway i sold it and picked up a clean e36 sedan 5 speed. dont really know which route i...
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    2012 300c srt-8

    i think tht **** is pretty..especially in **** wit it.
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    some pics

    lol cousins teg has steelies on the front right now cuz he hit a diesel pothole the other day so he took both rims off the front..and someone stole the lip off the front too all go waay lower cuz my accord was slammed but the roads around here just get worse and they fix them...
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    some pics

    LOLLL yea he bought it with all those stickers...hes not into herrafrush and stanceworks and all that..hes def a Function guy..soon hes getting boltons, suspension i think ksports and k-pro+ dyno tune and perhaps a clutch kit.
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    Trade: wtt

    actually i forgot to post that it got sold. mods can close this thread thanks