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  • No problem. :)
    Just to warn you, it's going to take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on how quick you are, to get the filter off. You have to use Q-Tips and nail polish remover. I went through about 62 Q-Tips. And you're going to have to actually scrub it, it doesn't just "wipe" off.
    I'll give you a tip that I wish I knew to start with though, the triangular black area where the blinkers, cruise control indicator, high beam indicator, etc lights are...try not to touch that with the nail polish remover. It will come off. It took some strategically placed electrical tape for me to cover my mistakes. :lawl:
    I'm just messing with you, haha. I guessss I'll be nice and give you the link. lol

    The "natural white" is the color I have. No blue at all, pure white.
    If you're interested in putting these into your gauge cluster though, you WILL need to remove the blue filter on the back of the gauge faces.
    This isn't necessary, but I highly suggest lining the back of the gauge cluster on the inside (behind the bulbs of course) with aluminum foil, by either spray glue and regular aluminum foil, or the foil tape you can buy. This creates a reflective bucket (like the way a headlight works) in the cluster and reduces hot spots.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me. :peace:
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