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    Beauty and the Beast

    The car is looking great. The headlights are definitely eye catching!
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    Hello again NO 56k :)

    Nice locations and cars. That van is a bit distracting in the background of the first one. Really like the side shot under the crane of the S2000.
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    car won't engage after stopping

    2.2 seems low considering the 4cyl autos roughly drain out 2.5 (when drained on flat ground). Did you use Honda ATF-Z1 fluid?
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    iReno's 2000 sedan accord ex

    Love a clean white sedan. Makes me miss mine. Looking forward to the new lip kit and to see what wheels you're going with.
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    New San Jose Member!

    Welcome to the site. Looks like you've done a considerable amount of work in the last year. Car looks very clean. You should put a Members Ride thread together so we can check out some more details.
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    Help hesitant acceleration,sluggish

    Re: Help!! He's talking to the OP regarding rule 5 about posting (see the link). You're not supposed to just put "Help" as the title. You're supposed to put a descriptive title of some sort. As for the issue. Hopefully the CEL will show up again and you can read it. That can possibly...
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    Help finding 5spd swap parts

    A quick google search pulls up a few, click here
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    No problem. Every time I think I can help some one you've beat me to it!

    No problem. Every time I think I can help some one you've beat me to it!
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    Hey everyone

    Welcome. As for a 2" drop, if you're not opposed to a spring/strut setup over a coilover setup, the Tokico HP's with K-Sport springs worked great for me. The ride was good, and the price was great!
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    New 6th gen accord owner :)

    It's crazy you were able to get that car for $200. It looks to be in pretty good shape. Let's see that CRX!
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    Jdm obd2 distributor question

    I did some research on this last night and it seems like everyone has struggled with it. For your particular situation, OBD2B to OBD1, there is a lot of confusion and contradicting information. I'd just get the diagrams for both distributors and set down and see what needs to go where.
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    WWD's very unmodified 01 4DR DX

    Gotcha. You should put a thread in the non 6ga cars section for your CRX. I'd like to see more of it! I miss mine...
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    Jdm obd2 distributor question

    Why is this posted in Meets & Events?
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    Anyone Looking for an OEM Lip kit In the tristate?

    Seems quite sketchy to me haha. But $800 is pretty tempting. Wonder how hard it'd be to get it titled...
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    WWD's very unmodified 01 4DR DX

    He's aware, it's just rather odd to keep the stock size when changing wheels. Especially on these cars, seeing has how even 17's can look small.

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