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  • hmmmm, this is good to note lol, im debating on on spring/shock combo or just go straight to like FF 1 or 1.5 coilovers myself... but i want to get hubs for 5 lug first :D lol might be heading to the junk yard in the next few weeks so its all good there ^_^
    lol i know your not the lowest, thats why im curious as to how your setup does you lol, and yes i do my best but sometimes its like an anti-speedbump where it goes down not up xD
    yes, and my other part to my question was how does your suspension setup handle pot holes? do you bottom out, scrape whats up there? looken to lower but pot holes are quite common in my area
    ooo i like pictures rofl, will do bud, ill see what else i shall look into, do you know if the kit is still available?

    also, hows your suspension setup handle 3inchdeep potholes? or do not live near those things satan lines the ground for us here in the nort?
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