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    Where can I find chrome door trim?

    Wow what the heck happened to that trim!?!? I must have seen two or three silver Accords in a self pull yard Saturday morning, would recommend checking your local yard if possible.
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    Turbo problems

    I'd have to agree with Eclipse, you'll need a tune and fast. Beyond that it would be good to know what you've changed to accommodate the turbo setup other than adding the turbo itself of course.
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    Might be too late, but I found I was able to fully bleed the system by disconnecting the pedal itself and manually pumping the cylinder as the pedal didn't fully stroke the master. Also I do not envy you having to change the master, just remembering this brings back nightmares, re-attaching the...
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    2021 6gen 6speed swap

    No problem, I was once upon a time thinking of doing the swap when I still had my 6th Gen, the car was getting rough, parts hard to find up here in Quebec, also why the car was rough. Since then bought an 8th Gen 3.5/6MT and have been happy with the car, when the body and chassis go on it I'll...
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    02 3" Lift

    Hilarious! And awesome of course. You putting any skid plates on the bottom to protect the oil pan and what have you?
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    Need a opinion on this used shocks...

    If you can pull a strut assembly from a scrap yard I'd imagine with a spring compressor you can also change the strut itself. I used this when building my front and rear assemblies for my 8th Gen V6, no issues and worked great, would think it can handle the springs for the lighter 6th gen with...
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    Eibach or Progress RSB?

    As a mid range upgrade you can try getting the rear stabilizer bar from a CL Type-S, if you live near a scrap yard that would be a nice cheap option. The factory Type-S bar is 19mm if my research is correct. By going straight to the 23mm or 24mm bar you might create too much imbalance in the...
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    Does anyone recognize these wheels?

    They look like knock offs, especially if they have no brand name embossed on the inside of the spokes. Are they heavy? Not sure who or what a Version5 references too other than trying to sound like a name brand model like VR5 or EV5. If they are true and don't leak air nothing wrong with them.
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    2021 6gen 6speed swap

    This might be of interest to you:
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    Will the 6th gen accord go up in value?

    If Honda had made something special out of the USDM Accord it might be worth something, however they never did. The V6 auto wasn't a bad car, but auto... And then the 4cyl 5 speed was also not a bad car, but the engine wasn't anything special and the 5 speed was geared for economy. It would...
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    2000 LX coupe rear speakers not working

    Depending on your level of interest in having working rear speakers, running wire back there isn't all that hard. I had run wires from the back to the front doors when I had an amp in my car, along with 3 sets of analog audio signal wires and power from the battery. Most direct path is right...
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    2000 LX coupe rear speakers not working

    Alright, I can confirm my car had that same TDK box in the trunk under the deck, and it had nothing to do with my speakers. Judging by the size of the wires coming out of it I would say it was a module for the rear defrost. The only thing you can do now is remove the factory radio and check the...
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    2000 LX coupe rear speakers not working

    By rear subwoofers I'm assuming you mean the rear deck 6x9 speakers. That TDK box doesn't sound stock to the car, do you have any history of the car, how long you've owned, when the last time the rear deck speakers worked would be a good start. Also good to know is does the car have an...
  14. Spoiler harness

    Spoiler harness

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    Rear Center Light?

    "Today I realized the wire for the high mount brake light (21 in pic) is routed to my spoiler brake light." If your car came with a spoiler installed by the dealer this was done then by the dealer. My 98 came from the dealer with the optional spoiler and the high mount brake light box was still...