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    Photobucket WTF

    Oh this happened to other people? I logged into PB yesterday to make a sale ad with the links and I just thought it was because I like...logged in after years of not and used their site that my stuff here was fixed again. Pretty spooky coincidence if it's a blanket fixing or something :lawl...
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    6GA runs over patrons at zombie walk during comic-con

    Love the wannabe superheroes running after the car on foot :rolleyes: You can't outrun VTEC, it's impossible. Actually pretty surprised they didn't part the sea to let them through. Even people in rush hour traffic are somehow nicer than that in their own cars to usually let someone through...
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    no that's true, but it would be lawls lawl considerations are always necessary for all decisions
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    yeah there was no way the tires weren't slashed right then and there after the bump the other time he stopped was when the guy charged the car, and nobody else got close to it before he floored it and the other time was when they were in the city street, and the tires were mainly blown or...
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    that's exactly what happened actually the police report said after bumping the one guy he slowed to a stop, opened his door to attempt getting out to aid him, and then got rocked by some nearby dude who got off his bike and he was all trying to yank the door open violently so he leaned back in...
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    yeah I agree with Eric, it's unlikely he just decided to be *that much* of an ass to strangers with his family in the car seems way more likely the pencil dick patrol went full swing after screwing around like, either know how to drive your bike, or man the hell up to the consequences a bike...
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    I dunno man, pretty much all that would have happened is they would have done exactly the same acts on him, except right there on the highway instead of that city street they kind of already started and weren't looking to talk it out based on the police report, and that's why he dipped out
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    whole thing is turning into a gun carry debate...of course
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    Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in NYC

    um, nobody died during that also, at least one of those guys on the bikes completely started all this who brake checks an SUV on a crotch rocket? enjoy...
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    **** **** *** ******

    I've been chastised on other forums by admins for usurping their censoring and using italics :lawl: seriously, I refuse to give a ****
  11. almightyfargoth has a new owner.

    well you're off to a good start with the smileys, so I'm glad you brought presents or else we'd be planning your demise already :lawl:
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    Funniest thread ever (NSFW)

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    August/Sept ROTM

    yeah, let Andy learn you something son!
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    A spooky pic caught on my phone browsing 6GA

    that's like some Junji Ito manga shit happening :lawl:
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    TL vert

    nah, still kind of donkish looking even modded :lawl: like...if someone were to mod a recent Buick. Yeah, that's quaint...but you could have used that money for something a lot better. but they'll argue "well I'm happy with it!", and you can't argue against that so it's pointless.