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  • My car is totaled due to a fire in the engine (electrical) by luck I just made it home before it happened
    Not sure I've got a wedding that night to in Hayward I can't stay long it starts at noon if you wanted to go
    Potluck BBQ at Benicia Community Park, June 29th
    address: 250 E L St, Benicia, CA 94510
    VTEC Light write it it.... do it. I did mine running through the firewall straight to the solenoid. Nothing like the first time running through the gears and seeing the light blink on. Shame Honda didn't think of this until they built the 2000 Si.
    VTEC LIGHT IS IN !!!!! I might do a write up its simple fun and a nice touch to the cg !
    Ill let you know what's ur number ill just text you think there's gonna be one on the 20th
    Hey we just had a meet on Sunday the 7th think we are all gonna be getting together on the 20th u selling your agx struts
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