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    FS: Rare discontinued oem and aftermarket parts

    @VancouverAccord do you still have those items?
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    cant send private message/ permissions?

    Hi guys, Is here any limits to send private message? I tried to find some information regarding private message, but nothing.. I cant send any pm via tapatalk
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    FS: Rare discontinued oem and aftermarket parts

    This hood bra fit to coupe?
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    Power Stop Z16 Evolution ceramic pads

    Hello guys, In this year I must change my brake pads(winter is coming), so I found ceramic pads from Power Stop. In my country, one shop offers this pads. I know that they are from the USA. So have you ever guys any contact with them? Maybe someone has atm this ceramic pads?
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    What remote control match to my coupe CG4

    Hello, Six months ago I bought my accord coupe cg4 '99 2.0. When I bought this car I don't get any remotes, so I decided to buy one on eBay. The seller sent to me remote control with marks Omron GD8-344-H-A. I tried programming this remote, but nothing happened. After that, I digged to my...
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    Where to find body kit

    thanks anyway
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    Where to find body kit

    Hello, Couple days ago, I bought my first accord coupe, so now I just looking for a place where to I can buy body kit. I search those parts in all Europe because I'm from Poland and I didn't find anything only polyurethane. Do you know guys any place where to buy OEM body kit? On eBay is also...
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    question to sedan owners about size of hood

    Hello, recently I began to wonder if the hood from Accord sedan USA (lx, ex) fit to Accord sedan EU (ls,es) for that I need only 4 dimensions in millimeters. So anybody of you guys help me with that?
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    Arista Dual Wiper Blade fit to 6th?

    I think they will also interesting for thieves :rotflmao: In Poland, the wipers often steal. Thanks RedRyder.
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    Arista Dual Wiper Blade fit to 6th?

    Hello, I was looking for nice and unique wipers, so I found something like that: But, description says, that wipers fit on accord 7th +. So maybe any of you guys have those wipers on...
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    side mirrors from accord vii

    thanks man, I'll check this on days.
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    side mirrors from accord vii

    Hello guys, Have any of you tried to install side mirrors from 7th generation to 6th? If it is possible?
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    bra to eu accord

    Hello, I would like to buy a bra for my accord, but on ebay I see only the US version. Do you know where I can find bra to my european accord?
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    Poland say hello o/

    Hello neighbor :wave: I bought my Accord with engine 1.8 SOHC VTEC, but 136km is not therefore enough, I would like to buy a more powerful engine. I saw that here are a few guys installed a motor from Acura. I do not know anything abount exchange engines, but I think this is a very interesting...