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    Please Welcome CARiD to the Forum!

    Hey guys please take a moment to welcome to the forum as our newest preferred vendor. :welcome:

    Link to homepage

    Hi guys, We are moving some things around getting ready for the new site designs to be launched. Apologize for the confusion/inconvenience but we will be rolling out the new design very soon.

    NEW Supporting Member benefits

    Thanks :). I can add the non-recurring options without issue. When I edited the subscription, the recurring payments were the only options and I didn't want to change what you guys have been used to. If there was a non-recurring option at one point and that's what the people want, that's what...

    NEW Supporting Member benefits

    We revamped the 6GA Supporter subscription and added some additional perks. The cost of becoming a Supporting Member has not changed, but we went ahead and added some options. 6GA Supporter Become a Supporting Member of 6thGenAccord and you will receive the following user permissions and perks...

    Please Welcome RockAuto to 6GA!

    As requested, we brought RockAuto to the forum as our newest Supporting Vendor. They will be here to offer 6th Gen specific parts and discount codes. Please welcome RockAuto to the forum! :welcome:
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    It looks like there are no image icons assigned on the dark vB skin. The default skin works fine on mobile but not the dark. We'll have to look in to that.

    New Add-ons to the forum..

    lmk? :troll3: ...and on that note how about the auto YouTube embedding.

    Trade: *CLASSIFIEDS RULES* read first!

    Re: *CLASSIFIDES RULES* read first! Classifieds rules have been updated, also please read my Announcement regarding the new Classifieds layout:
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    Hi all, I'm here to assist Shaggy and of course you guys as well. I'll mostly be part of the scenery but I'll check in often to lurk and get to know everyone. Thanks for the positive response so far! :bigbird:

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