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  • I saw your write up on the DIY LX 5 lug conversion with discs I wanted to ask how you went about proportioning valve/ master cylinder swapping if you did? Ive been researching this for a week or so now and I cant seem to get any solid info on the proportioning valve swap/ master cylinders TL:DR am I able to just bolt up with the master/valve from a v6 once all other parts are swapped?
    Hi, I hope you're doing great, can you plz help me, I did a trans swap on an accord 99, automatic, I put a Manual trans, and I dont know how to get to work the VSS. And the Vtec!
    yea i took a close look at your pictures, and when everything was of the car, i saw that the support was tack welded onto the car. I had to drill through every tack and remove it.
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