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  • hey i sold my accord. im driving a 2011 white evo mr.
    theres only 3 MR of 2011 in the state of michigan and im a proud owner of one :)
    hey dude just letting you know we havent talked in a while.
    im gonna be leaving the accord behind and buy an 08 volkswagon r32
    hey congrats on the job at pepboys. i just somehow lost my left stock sideskirt on the highway :(
    im in need of one badly do you know where i can get one?
    well in woodward near detroit theres a meet every friday night and sometimes saturday. sorry to hear about the job loss man. economy is dropping badly
    lansing? grrr i hate lansing but hey ever heard of woodward? theres a lot of car meets there that involves hondas
    i understand bro. well im waiting on my cross drilled and slotted rotors to come in. cant wait. i can finally swap my new rims on and have new brakes WOOT WOOT. i wanna do the meet but work is kicking my *** as well.
    yeah i havent been on for a bit because of work and i just met the most wondeful girl ever. i have no way of getting to my back struts do to the large subs back in the trunk. its stuck in there and only way of getting them out is breaking the sub box. i wanna do an accord meet soon sometime in the summer
    eh this winter isnt so bad but because of my heavy sound system all the weight is in the back. i cannot make simple turn without ripping on the ebrake. if my back end dont swing out im not gonna be turning. you know what iv never dealt with power acoustics before. im a big alpine fan. i got the Alpine iXA-W404 double din unit. it doesnt play cds but i dont even use cds lol. are you gonna go into show comps? it doesnt sound like a bad idea. make sure you do the research and get the best deal and hook ups
    i competed once about 2 months ago in taylor michigan. current mods on my car are cutom short ram intake, throttle body spacer, stainless steel headers, hi-flow cat, full exhaust system with N1 mufflers, and lowering springs for the fron of my car. the back got dropped from the sound system lol. thats it for now. we gotta do some meets in michigan when summer starts
    haha rust or not thats not my worries right now. im worried if my car is gonna be able to drive in the winter be so damn low in the front haha
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