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  • Diags say one is blk, one is blue but they look blk to me. Ill still need to wire the other 3.
    JDM CM7 mirrors will fit?? ORLY? Lol. Not only do I hate wiring, IDK **** about it. I have diags and wire colors so Im just gonna have to trace everything in order to find the relays. If I decide to go to the defogger, again, IDK what the hell Im doing. I imagine there's a +, - and something else. I'll have to tap into one of them and hope for the best. :/
    I have a coupe. 01. Im trying to put heated mirrors in a car that did not. The wiring diags i found said one of the black is a ground and the other goes to slot number....3 or 5 in the master switch. I could probably wire that up. The biggie is the passenger mirror. Again, one blk wire is a ground but the other has to go under the dash through 2 relays. IDK how im gonna find them either. I dont want to, I really dont, but i may have to just wire them to the defogger.
    Even if i had the door harnesses from cdm accord, theres still the matter of the underdash relays. If anything, i could use the plug that the mirror pigtail plugs into. As it fits the pigtail for the heated mirrors, which i now have, lol.
    I could wire it all up but...ugh. Huge undertaking. :\
    Each side mirror has a pigtail coming of it, that plugs into a plug behind the door panel. heated mirrors have 5 wires; 3-colored and 2 black. Any chance you know what the black wires are or where they go? I imagine one is a ground but Im not sure if it's all contained to the master door switch or if I'll have to run it/them under the dash.
    Hey I have a question about CDM heated mirrors. Any chance you could help?
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