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  • You'd have to cut the openings a bit, and they won't sit flush because one side is angled and one side is flat. The outer part of your fog opening would probably be fine, is the inner part, it still might not look to bad though, especially if you had to lengthen the inner part of the fog opening. Never seen anyone try them on a Coupe bumper.
    I've always liked the Coupe front end on the sedan, I actually think it looks better on the sedan! The fogs, weren't hard to do, but I need to probably get another bumper and do them again so they actually sit flush on the sides. I don't think they would work well with the Coupe front end, but there is always a first time. Did you get a Coupe hood as well?
    alrite ill take pics after i drop my car and fix my headlights. they fogged up. didnt seal them good >.< iono if its oem white but i know its beeen repainted. u got the sedan and i gots the coupe!
    lol. tahts clean dude! at first i thought ur posted pic was my car but realized there wasnt any fogs.
    not really bro, most of the members i'm aware of live either in DFW or Houston. You could try and get a state wide meet to go. But I won't be back until next summer. It really comes down to how far are you willing to drive for a meet. I think the best place would be Austin since all but one person couldn't make it in less than 4 hours.
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