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  • I'm in love with the look of your car and would love to have one similiar but I can't figure out what year your car is exactly. Is it an 02? or older
    hey bro! first I must say that your accord is illy! I just had one question though. what application did you use for the wilwood calipers? I have been trying the specific part # for them but I am lost.....can you help me out?
    whats the status with ur swap? im thinking of doing the same no turbo tho, who did u get ur mounts from and for how much?
    just wondering if you had any idea on how to wire the vss to the speedo.. Ive searched the forum and attempted to do it but cant figure it out..??
    i thought the EGR ones just snapped. do i have to drill into the fender!?

    *p.s next pay check if you still have em.
    ohh ok well if you have everything needed to put them in..
    and sorry but i cnt get em till next pay check..
    if you still have them then
    ill take em. im not giving up!
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