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    eibach alignment kits "camber kit"

    Were you using a camber kit before?
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    Base Map

    It took a while but I was able to get the stock H22A base map to work for my car, the only downside to running the s300 is you'll have to swap to a two wire IACV because Hondata doesnt suport a 3 wire. Overall I'm happy with it though
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    99' F23a1 Project (56k) ***Update 2-15-11 ***

    The block is stock for the time being, I have another f23 block on a stand right now that will be torn down and rebuilt the right way to support a bigger turbo setup. Realisticly I'm only looking for 200-220whp with this current setup. The 450cc injectors couldnt hold any more than 220whp...
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    99' F23a1 Project (56k) ***Update 2-15-11 ***

    yeah it'll be a pain but look at any other boosted b18c, same situation as far as vtec or an ls/vtec swap or boosted k20/k24 frankenstien. Non the less the tuning will be a nightmare lol
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    99' F23a1 Project (56k) ***Update 2-15-11 ***

    I had Mark at One6 ordered it for me, cost me $75 but its the real badge
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    99' F23a1 Project (56k) ***Update 2-15-11 ***

    Re: 99' F23a1 Project (56k) ***Update 11-21-10*** Update
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    most expensive brake kit ive seen for our cars..

    Re: most expensive breakes ive seen for our cars.. For that price I'd rather buy something that is not fail like wilwood or go on the cheaper side with brembo rotors and hawk pads. I hate any drilled, slotted or combination rotors for street use. Drilled cause stress cracks inbetween the actual...
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    New pics of my engine mounted

    Damn the block is soo clean lol mine looks like crap
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    Base Map

    lol I'm looking for a stock base, I'm learning to tune myself because I want to do it proffesionaly. As far as engine mods I have intake, headers, exhaust, plugs, plug wires, pulleys and soon to be a h22 head swap but for now I just need a stock base map for the f23 until the head is in
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    Base Map

    ummm for my hondata s300 like I said before...all the base maps provided are not realy going to work even if you tweak them
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    Base Map

    Does anyone know where I would be able to find a base map for the f23 or f22 for hondata? :eusa_wall:
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    Tow Hook Install

    lol ^ agreed. You build a car for yourself, not other people

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