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    FS: Vintage 6thGenAccord Shirt

    I can probably fit it inside the smallest flat rate priority box.
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    FS: Vintage 6thGenAccord Shirt

    Hey all. I was a part of this forum waaaaay back in the day. I have a tee shirt we all made back in the day. I was a member in my college years and I am 33 now. Anyways, this shirt is in good condition. I guess it’s vintage now lol. It is in a large. Any interest?
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    Flame Suit On Smiley Emoticon

    no, not that one. i could have sworn we had one where the smiley was literally putting a suit on.
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    Flame Suit On Smiley Emoticon

    Hey Family, I was talking to my girlfriend today about the term flame suit on. I could have sworn I've seen a smiley here with the flame suit on animation. Anyone?
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    Looking for an old thread

    what's going on brotha!!!!!
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    Looking for an old thread

    Hey all, a few years ago we had two really bad breakup threads from one of our members. I am trying to remember who it was and trying to find the thread. I remember the first one was of the actual member posting his thoughts, and then a second thread was supposedly his then ex girlfriend...
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    This is why you don't want to lower your car too much.

    I'm 2-sided about this. A) Do whatever you want. You're a tool if you go online and ask people opinions on how YOU should spend YOUR money. B) Don't do something just to look cool or be cool or feel cool. There comes a point where it is REALLY impractical and you can do more damage to...
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    First time driving manual

    manuals are very fun to drive unless you just want to get from point a to b and it is really bad traffic. sometimes i wish i had a manual but then traffic speeds up.
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    cause people are retarded and go in thinking, "this is cute and fun."
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    civic conv. to m3!!

    people do **** like this because they have the money to and they can. plain and simple. doesn't mean it's the right thing to do, nevertheless they can.
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    Who else know about MALAYSIA??

    my mother is from malaysia.
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    AEM Short Ram Intake Screech/Whistling Sound

    Put back your stock intake and see if it makes the same noise. Otherwise, like everyone said, it's normal to hear extra noises from your intake pipe. It's aluminum so noise vibrations will be heard louder, and you're sucking in more mass of air so it's going to get kicked around. If you had a...
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    Saw an "Accord R" today

    It's good to come back to family. I see we still have people posting the same arguments we did 5 years ago when we were n00bs to this forum. Badger: Been training in MMA, working a lot. Got an assistant department manager position at my job at Whole Foods Market. DarkSideAccord: you...
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    Saw an "Accord R" today

    Yeah, but you guys do know that the TSX is the Accord Type-R/Euro-R in Europe right? The engines are similar, but not exact. Same with the G35, it's a Skyline GT, not a GT-R. I wouldn't knock it if someone put in the engine work.
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    FS: AEM Meth injection kit

    how much for local OG member?