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  • Having trouble with wiring . I don't have the tl engine I'm using the original accord engine for now. Any tips on getting around the ecu / cluster issue? I have all dash parts from tl and accord. I see the euro accord has same shape...pretty much stuck here...:banghead:
    There is another Member(BkzTafetta) that has a white CG sedan and he did the conversion with the fenders, and he mentioned that some work needed to be done to get the fenders to fit.
    Hi FNCONE, I'm slowly gathering up all the components to having my F23A1 replaced with a F23A (JDM). In your honest opinion, which way do you recommend removing the engine, through the top or the bottom, and what are the good and bad of each option? I have access to a cherry picker with a leveler and also a floor jack that can lift up to 24''. I've done VW's in the past through the top with ease, but the Honda Service manual states to have the engine removed from the bottom. My initial plan is to clear out as much as possible in the engine bay (moving stuff out of the way, and removing the radiator), then lifting it from the top. It looks tight and I don't want to thrash the engine bay. Thanks in advance for any input! - Slowfinger
    When I got my engine the downpipes where cut. I did use the TL headers and just bolted the accord downpipe. Soon down the line I will get a better headers and exhuast. But to answer your question, YES accord downpipe, MAYBE even headers (the j32 is basically a j30 stroked) I even used accord axles for now. I work on my car slowly so that was for testing purposes... so far so good. Since you are you going manual, I heard and read the rear header has a little bend for the mount or shifter cables? I forget which one.
    GOOD LUCK cant wait to see yours with the 6speed
    I had a question for you, when you put your j32 motor in your accord, did you use your stock j30 exhaust down pipe with the j32, or did you have to change it and use the j32 exhaust down pipe, I was wondering if the two down pipes are the same or is there a little bit of a difference in the two?
    Ahh I c what ur talking about, I didn't know u had an auto, yeah u should get the 6 speed, but remember the more u wait, the rarer the 6speeds get, I got pretty lucky when I found mine, ....but yeah that's what ima do, what clean swap did, ......I just came back from the Honda dealer ship n they told me it would cost $120 to reprogram the immo to the new ecu, so ima just wait until I'm done with the whole swap n then have it towed to Honda n just do it the right way
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