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    Wheel Fitment Thread

    I have a set if 18x9.5 +12 originally I wanted to get 215/40 but I saw a guy with 215/35 it just happens to be that 215/35 are cheaper as well..which one should I get
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    Best wheel size

    10x8 na just kidding if you don't wanna be super low and still manage daily driving I would do 18 since u are only lowered an inch or 2 u need something high in offset
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    JDM F23 Swap (the fall and rise of my accord)

    Dam I would say u got a little over charged I did everything for a little under 1000
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    Acura TL rim idea

    This actually looks pretty good, idk how I feel about the purple but this is nice
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    FS: Square G6 18's,Stock Suspension, 4 CH. RCA

    Re: Stock Suspension, 4 CH. RCA bumpppp
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    best 4 lug wheels

    Why do all you guys take it the wrong way, that's not what I meant..I was just telling him to get the wheels he liked most himself, and not pick based on others
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    best 4 lug wheels

    Your car is supposed to be like an extension of yourself get what you like and not what others think
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    what to do to a swapped car????

    If you don't wanna spend to much I would do the 100 dollar reverse option but the type s swaps are pretty awesome but might cost a pretty penny
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    Whinning noise

    I hope so good thing I posted it here thanks guys I'll get it checked
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    Whinning noise

    Dam really? Sounds so boss :/ I thought it was the new belts
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    Whinning noise

    Hmm after I changed all the belts and did my swap if I have the windows down and accelerate I can hear a whine noise from the engine I like it..sounds like a mini supercharger
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    best 4 lug wheels

    There's a very popular performance shop here in nj I'm taking it to them..^^but from what I heard it's not that hard u can pull it off with oem camber
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    Shrimp on the barbie 2014 *Pikshurs added*

    Re: Shrimp on the barbie 2014 What ifffff all u guys came to the east coast :p if I got a driving buddy I would look into attending
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    best 4 lug wheels

    This is like asking ppl to give away their secrets.. I got myself some square g6 18s I got em before other ppl started noticing them they are brand new waiting for tires lol prob next week I'll have them on