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    2001 Accord H22A4 Build

    Hey I have the same swap 00 accord ex m/t with h22a4 swap. I did everything myself. So when I first did the swap the fact that my car a manufacturer m/t already I only had to do the distributor wiring part and ecu I used a obd2 p72 with the obd2 to obd2a jumper to run it. I wired in the...
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    H22 Swap

    Hey I'm new to this site and need help regarding this swap. Well not exactly but instead of a obd1 h22a I swapped in a h22a4 obd2a into my 00 accord. I been spending to much money trying to get this car going again. I bought 3 different ecu p0j, p5p and p72 all 3 of these ecu are obd2a. I wanted...