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    FS: rules.

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    Misfiring issue

    spark plugs
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    DIY: How to easily adjust the handbrake/emergency brake handle.

    im confused, why pop up the trim around the shifter?
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    More Speakers

    put all your money into your front stage and get a high quality 2 or 4 ch amp. integrate tweeters into your A pilar and get a nice component set. will be loud and sound crisp. delete your 6x9's as they are only hinder some to SQ.
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    New from Maryland

    a fresh clay bar is the best
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    BASS remixes

    update: i changed my soundcloud URL enjoy!
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    SoCal Meet

    Re: OFFICIAL Bi-Montly SoCal Meet whats up with the so cal meets??
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    BASS remixes

    yo so basically ive been making these bass remixes for my subwoofers since 2011. alot of the songs out there are "turned up" too high an introduce clipping and distortion. what i do is bring it down to an acceptable level and clean the bass up. i might slow the songs some for the lower notes...
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    Looking to buy new amp

    how much for the rockford amp? hows the condition
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    FS: kenwood +harness +dash kit *CHEAP*

    40 bucks installed!!
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    Good toshiba laptop (GAMING)

    Just sold it =)
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    Good toshiba laptop (GAMING)

    selling my laptop. it has an i7 processor and 8 gigs of DDR3 ram. 750 GB hard drive which is plenty enough. im asking 550 on craigslist but ill hook it up 50 bucks off for forum members. let me know if you are interested. heres the original ad if you'd like to look...
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    Car too low...?

    raise it up to the legal limit and fight the ticket lol