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    JV6 Silver 2000 Accord Coupe V6 EX-L

    Best place for Hong Kong Style chow mein ... LOL Whole richmond (asian town...) its 99.9% chinese. Even signs are mostly in chinese. The city wanted to get rid of the chinese signs, and make them all english. haha that did not pass by the city hall! if u ever come to canada, james and i...
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    Jv6! Ride of the Year

    Congrats james! All those late night diy to get your car ready for meets! Ahh I wish I kept my red 6th gen!
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    Few 9thgen pictures

    The new quad projectors are equivalent to the 2006-2007 TL ! My brother has a TL and I drive the 2014 accord v6 touring. The output is similar. But I miss my 8thgen tsx retrofitted headlights. Overall the new 9thgen v6 does the same mileage as my 2013 accord i4 .... Lol yes I traded my i4...
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    JV6 Silver 2000 Accord Coupe V6 EX-L

    HELLO =) can't wait to see the OEM sides on ur car man I am glad i got the Touring model (top of the line) I love the car very much. Now i have owned 3 accords, I had 5 hondas, i just realized that 2008 Honda civic EXL sedan 2008 honda accord EXL sedan 1999 Honda Civic HB (project car, but...
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    Richard's '02 V6 Coupe EX-L

    Re: v(^-^)v___May 13th 2013 Update___Sil2DrV6's 2002 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 (56K) Hey that would be me selling them. Haha. Ive actually seen the rear lip put on without modification.. Just wont look flush on rear bumper. The side skirts is curently sitting at my friends house in...
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    April/may winner: Jv6!!

    Congrats james!! Even though i didnt have the 6th gen for long, but it was fun modding it together LOL
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    From Sunny Ocean Beach to Snowy Mountain

    Looking good James... Here's some more of the same day.. and for other members that ask about my car paint color... it is call "Fire Pepper Red"..... its a darker red...
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    FS: BlackDeathV6BG's Huge Partout!!!!! Part 1

    Hey, Pm'ed u about the Side SKirts. Im willing to pay for shipping as well. Can Paypal within Minutes after confirmation of shipping quote to ..... (check ur pm)
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    FS: BlackDeathV6BG's Huge Partout!!!!! Part 1

    Re: BlackDeathV6BG's Hugh Partout!!!!! Part 1 Emailed regarding the side skirts! Hope to hear back from u soon! Glws
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    Small Photoshoot

    THREAD JACKING I miss my 8th gen after hanging out with my friend =( A little late on the picture.... but here's my 35mm 1.8G LOL Kenny's vacation... turned into a car wash diy meet LOL
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    oh yaaa! feels good to hold that TROPHY out of the gold mine!!
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Finally found some good condition side markers! From the junk yard! The rear lip, the junkyard owner wont let me take the lip alone. Have to be full bumper... wtf thats $350..... so i didnt bother with the lip
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Wasnt really done today. But i recently picked up a 6th gen coupe.. comin from a 8th gen i4 sedan to a v6 is awesome. First coupe things i did to it was, removing the crappy purple tint job that was done by previois owner, also removed the accord emblem! It left a faded paint mark on it...
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    Roll Call: Northwest (CA, OR, WA)

    Western canada as well! A new and proud owner of a 6th gen coupe! I go down south a lot with jv6 as well! Used to drive an 8th gen accord sedan! Been to california with the 8th gen! Maybe some of u have spotted me down in cal!