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    Rear Alignment is very off!!

    So just checked my 00 sedan v6 alignment, did front alignment a few months ago due to tie rods replacement. And my total toe for the rear is 0.00 - 0.32 which is far right in the red zone. and the left rear is also 0.0 - -1.0. i know they're non adjustable and i guess i need a camber kit to do...
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    01-02 coupe bumper

    Honestly their quality isnt too bad, go on amazon as well and check their reviews, many have positive reviews regarding the paint quality. i will be buying my painted coupe bumper from amazon
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    what HID"s do you use?

    Im stupid new to this HID thing, Im looking for whitish light like 5000k to maybe 6000k, i was wondering what does everyone here uses and if so, they could send me a link of where they brought it from. i noticed many 6g owners use 6000k to 8000k Hid's but i dont know where did you buy it from...
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    WTB: Magnaflow Catback Sys

    Looking for a mangnaflow catback system, can be either single/dual. Must be willing to negotiate.
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    Using Stock Headunit

    Love your advise, i want to keep that stock headunit look on my dashboard. But i still wanna use good 6x5"s and 6x9's for goof sound and good bass. what would you recommend thats not costly
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    Using Stock Headunit

    Stupid new to audio systems, i might consider getting an aftermarket head unit later, but do you guys recommend front/rear speakers while using stock headset. not crazy bout stupid bass
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    FS: 99 Accord Coupe v6 EX or part out

    Neuspeed strut bar?
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    Feedback for Good/Bad Transactions

    Member: Igor Item: Magnaflow Catback Exhaust Brought/Sold: Brought Feedback: You want feedback about this asshole? He's a lousy scumbag. He is a ****ing lazy piece of **** on this forum. He took my money and claims he shipped it. Even thou...
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    You're a ****ing scumbag. I hope your broke *** suffer.

    You're a ****ing scumbag. I hope your broke *** suffer.
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    ****ty seller!!!! (you know who you are)

    Funny thing is. He's a postalman. A postalman. He sent it thru USPS. His own company. There's no exuses for that
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    ****ty seller!!!! (you know who you are)

    Red Ryder you were there in his thread along with another admin. I asked him about the tracking number. He kept saying later after work bs, he did insisted he'll ship it after i gave him the $250. I did give him on the Friday two weeks ago. And called him the next day to confirm shipped. We...
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    ****ty seller!!!! (you know who you are)

    Anyone brought anything on this fourm from someone and the experience wasnt so great? I broguht an exhaust system from this one guy and yet he nver called nor texted nor been online since last sunday. It was "shipped" last last Saturday. Ive already made an report with paypal to get my money...
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    Bad. Past. Bodywork

    So you got a 6th gen. sweet! you look around the body and notrice the rear portion around the trunk has some unusual work done to it. you notice they didnt do a very good job to the body repair. the rear bumper is not fitting properly into the back. and they didnt do a good point job either. So...
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    Magnaflow HFC bolt on

    I checked it out, they have the regular Cat bolt on