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  • yea dude that suks...i just saw your posting on craigslist rite before i came on here, no 6 speed swap? bt depends our situation, n money for this kinda stuff is not easy tho n i can understand that. Well hopefully somthin works out for you man, so wat r u drivin now?
    well yea hopefully my car comes out fine. Engine is being put back together this week. Hoping i have my car by at least next week sometime or the week after...so how often do u come around east side?
    Oh ok lol nah dude I wasn't driving my car...its been "undriveable" for a while now....was doing an h22 swap...got into some troubles n things didn't work out as smoothly as I thot they would. But its at a shop now, im rebuilding the h22 with some pretty good parts n should be better than ever...hopefully (Im hoping this time cuz thats i was so sure everything was perfect wen i started the swap n well..yea..things didn't go like I thought). Um I'm actually a senior at Trimble Tech n thats where i saw your car go by after school one day..i knew it had to be you...theres not many clean looking accords like that round there or by where I live. Your car looks VERY nice in person by the way, real clean. And i actually stay around the east side of fort worth...lol not the exact place you'd want to be around bt yea lol.
    Hey man, have you ever been to Trimble Tech High School or anywhere near that area of downtown Fort Worth in the past month or two?.....i spotted this white coupe with TL wheels n that red emblem by the school once n i really doubt theres another coupe exactly like yours out there....or maybe there is? lol
    i know i can stream anime's but i'm not going to just start streaming shows that i may not be interested in, i'm a bit too picky for my own good
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