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  • Hey I will take those struts don't sell them Paypal will be sent on Friday afternoon lets figure out shipping
    I saw your thread about the sedan to coupe bumper.
    Did you ever fix that clip problem near the fender?
    Cause my bumper is sticking out from the clip and its usually on oneside only
    haha i've seen you two times in the last month around CSUN. You know theres a CSUN car club now. Want me to hit u up next time they have a meet? You and I would be the only accords though...haha.
    k, my numbers 818-235-7459. names jeff btw. ill just meet up with you at the meet. around what time do you usually get there?
    yea im down!
    my number is 640-2104
    text me! oh and im dropping my car today! jea! 2inches on my 19s! lol
    almost dubs
    lol i go to the in n out meets too. its ok.
    till they start doing stupid shat!

    have i seen you here.!?
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