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  • Hey man, you should enter your car in the current ROTM. Especially if you get the new wheels done.
    Yeah I am, I got Varrstoens and MB battles in the mix atm. Hoping this year would be the year and hopefully before summer
    LOL thanks man, I love it! prolly my best sig I had in a while. Your car was sick aswell
    Thanks for the help man. Im going to remove the coils and reset them . I want to be at 23.5 all around. then after ill get the alignment.
    Thanks for the help man will do. and does that mean I should just live with the camber just being more off on one side than the other??
    I did get an alignment though :/ and im kind of low and i want to go lower but not until i roll my fenders and get this problem fixed
    [Originally Posted by truWarier02
    You might want to talk to JordanFleenor because I think he recently had a similar problem with his front camber being way off from one side to another.]

    hey whats up man. so truwarier02 advised me to ask you about camber. Any help that you can offer is appreciated
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