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    Jordanz's White 2000 Accord EX v6

    Got real busy lately, haven't had time to update. There was a large hailstorm that caught me at work, so the accord got totaled, about 6 months after i bought her. The white paint and small dents made the damage look much better than it actually was, so my insurance offered me 2 options...
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    What phone do you own thread

    Just copped this HTC one and i love it. Screen is really really good in bright sunlight which is important to me because i work outside. Also, beats audio and the front speakers, which i didn't think would be of too much relevance, actually make a noticeable difference. (ok, maybe it's...
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    Jordanz's White 2000 Accord EX v6

    Actually I didn't know about the lack of sedan oem's, but now that you mention it I would like to do a 99 coupe front end and see if I could find an OEM coupe lip. Thanks for the compliments guys, I'm only 19 and work 90+ hrs a week with few expenses, and ive chatted a little with the guys...
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    Jordanz's White 2000 Accord EX v6

    I figured I'll start a MR thread now since I have big plans for the car and some of them may be coming to fruition soon. The car is a white 00 av6 (cg5? 6?) I bought this car from the honda dealership. car had one previous older owner and the car was babied and she shows. Mods- 20% window...
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    Metal AC Knobs

    I'll jump in on the group buy also
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    Good Window Visors?

    I have the avs in channel. I think they look great, haven't noticed tint rubbing off anywhere, and install was a cinch. Got them for $55 from auto zone or something. Fitment is great also
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    Official Golf Thread

    I work at a country club so I use whatever balls others have lost. Mainly zstars, prov1/1x, nxt, Callaway warbirds, etc. But I rarely see my favorite balls to play, penta tp5 and Nike 20xi
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    Bring Me The Horizon fans (just in case you didn't know)

    Don't like bmth but have you heard of this upcoming english band while she sleeps? you should check them out if you havent
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Did my visors
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    I can't wait til i get to see them live. I feel like they were in town just a couple weeks ago and i didnt know about it til the day of
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    do you know if they sell replacement lenses for the oem fogs? one of mine has a hole :(
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    *UPDATE* Vlads Gold Piece of sheeeeet

    Re: *UPDATE*(3/12/13).....Vlads Gold Sedan!!!!!!!!! that is so weird lmao i would have sworn i saw one and now i go back and nothing. wtf was i looking at when i typed that lol edit: this! what is it lol
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Not sure what brand. Probably just because my car is white. thanks man. I was debating between 30% front 5% rear and 20% all the way. Finally decided and very happy with it
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    thanks! hadn't even thought about red/clears. I will look up some pics
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    What'd you do to your accord today?

    Tint! 20% all the way around.