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  • Great points…Cheap DunksI would note that as someone who really doesn’t write on blogs much in fact, this may be my first post, I don’t think the term “lurker” is very flattering to a non-posting reader. It’s not your fault really , Cheap Shoesbut perhaps the blogosphere could come up with a better, non-creepy name for the 90 that enjoy reading the content .
    Hey I was wondering if you put the led strip in your headlights or did you buy them like that I have been looking on this form for instructions to do it but cant find it anywhere.
    I have a question regarding your retro build. Great job by the way. I was wondering if you remember the measurements of the headlights were you placed the l.e.d.s? I have been looking online and 72cm was the longest l.e.d. Strips I found would you happen to know if that would work?. Any help would be great.

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